Bold Cunt Asks for Donations for Therapy After Getting E-Bullied for Goofy Anti-White Hate Speech

A truly bold cunt is asking for money for therapy, having allegedly been bullied by Nazis on Twitter after posting anti-white hate speech against a cooking blog.

Roslyn Talusan is a Filipina.

She’s old and ugly.

If she was in Manila, she’d be begging 70-year-old Australians to fuck her for $10 – and getting rejected.

So she comes to our country to insult our cooking bloggers and then demand hundreds of dollars after some people don’t tolerate her bullshit.

Honestly, I don’t really have anything else to say about this.

I am truly exhausted by all of these disgusting people coming into my country to feed off of what my ancestors built, and not even being grateful.

The facts are in: the more we give these people, the more they hate us and attack us simply for existing.

What are we going to do?