Video Shows the Entire Brad Parscale Spectacle was a Hoax Orchestrated by His Wife

The Brad Parscale incident at his Fort Lauderdale home appears to be something much different than what it seemed. It now appears that he did not snap, that he was not attempting to kill himself, and the whole scene was a manufactured hoax by his wife.

Two videos of police bodycam footage have been released telling us a very clear story that is much different than the one the media told us on Sunday night.

The media is not altering their story based on the footage, and is instead still running with the story that he had a breakdown and tried to kill himself. What happened was his wife betrayed him. She created a scene and then called the police on him, falsely accusing him of having a breakdown, falsely reporting that he shot a gun off.

In the first video, the wife is in the driveway talking to the cops. She has her big fake titties flopping around with her permanently hard nipples popping out.

She is the one who called the cops and then waited for them to arrive. She could have put on a shirt. She at least could have used her towel to cover those silicon udders. But of course, she was trying to look as sexy as possible for the cops, and she probably understood that the scene would be filmed and appear on TV.

She is speaking to a black cop, who has a friendly-seeming voice, and is clearly the talker/negotiator of the squad.

The first thing we hear her say is: “He was acting crazy so I went out to the backyard to just like, let him chill out and he’s just like going irate and he like came out his office, cocked a gun, and went back so I was like okay, this is like, fucked up, so I went to the front yard.”

“Yup. Okay,” says the cop.

“And I was like, I was sitting in the front yard, and I was trying to give him space, chill out. I saw him like, look out the window, then I heard a loud boom.”

“Hello, Brad? How you doing sir?” the cop then says, having reached Brad on the phone.

This officer is fine, and asks him if he’s okay, and asks him to come out without any weapons. He does what you’re supposed to do in this situation, tells Brad that he just wants to talk to him and make sure he’s okay.

You can’t hear Brad, but the officer then walkies in that he’s refusing to come out.

Candice, who has gross veiny arms, then repeats the story again. It’s obvious that it’s a rehearsed story. This time around, you really get to see the way she is shaking her tits around for this black cop.

She again made the claim of a gunshot. Note that no one in the media claimed to have heard a gunshot. She just made this up outright in order to tie together her little play.

Throughout this whole show, she never once appears distressed. Women do have emotions, and if she had really just been through something where she had thought her husband had killed himself, there is absolutely zero chance that she would just be all chill like this.

This is a totally fake event organized by this woman for her own purposes.

It is not clear how much times passes between the two clips, but it doesn’t seem like much. Apparently, at some point between the two clips, Brad agrees to come meet the officers on the porch.

In the second clip, we see Brad sitting on his front steps, awaiting the officers. Only one officer, the friendly-voiced black who called him on the phone and whose bodycam this is, is present at the beginning of the 88 second clip.

Holding a beer in his right hand, Brad begins to walk toward the officer, and defensively says, “I’m not trying to kill myself, you can see my hands, I’m your friend.”

The officer tells him to relax. He appears to relax, and approaches the officer, who asks him “what’s going on?”

He starts: “She fucking…” and then the officer asks him to move away from his truck. He cooperates. It is clear that he is somewhat intoxicated, but is not seriously slurring his speech.

He puts the beer down, and moves towards the officer, and appears very happy to explain himself: “So, she started saying all this shit-”

At that point, a cop comes from behind the truck and another from in front of the truck, with one yelling, “get on the ground, man, get on the ground.” Before he has time to cooperate, Brad is tackled.

I dare you to try to watch that without mumbling an obscenity under your breath at these cops. It was just such an incredible asshole thing to do.

He could have hit his head on the asphalt. Furthermore, if you hit your elbow in the wrong spot, it can screw up your arm for the rest of your life.

(This “waist tackle maneuver” is probably something that they have started doing in response to Black Lives Matter prosecuting police officers, because it actually wouldn’t have been unreasonable for them to have their guns drawn, given that the call had said that he had a gun. It sucks to have a gun pointed at you, but it doesn’t suck as bad as a surprise waist tackle onto asphalt.)

Brad yells, “Jesus, man, I didn’t do anything,” as three more officers appear from the woodwork holding long guns.

Parscale is fully humiliated and handcuffed, as he continues to argue – accurately, from all I’m able to see – that he didn’t do anything.

One of the officers does bend down to pick up his hat for him, which made me feel a little bit better about the FLPD, but overall, this scene was obscene and there just isn’t any reason that cops should treat people like this. His shorts were too tight to hold a gun and he never reached for anything.

They maybe didn’t realize who he was, but he’s a human being, and he’s a man who worked very hard to buy an expensive home in a nice neighborhood, and he shouldn’t have been treated like this simply because his cunt wife called the cops on him.

But ultimately, it was her fault, not the cops. As is the way of women, she was using these men with guns to hurt her husband and to entertain herself.

The media isn’t analyzing these videos. But you and I and anyone else who knows anything at all about women knows exactly what happened here: for some reason or no reason, this woman wanted a scene on Sunday, as a way to hurt her husband and make herself the center of attention. She waited for him to get drunk – maybe encouraged him to get drunk – and then started messing with him, until she was able to get a reaction, at which point she called the police, and had these men of the state haul him away to be locked in a room.

The claim that she heard a gunshot appears to be fabricated outright. I can believe he was handling a weapon, but so what? We’ve all been there, no? When you’re drunk, especially if you’re drunk and angry, it feels good to handle a weapon. Maybe it’s not a good idea. But it has a calming effect.

People who don’t understand guns (we have European readers and some coastal urbanite scum peaking in on our business here as well) maybe don’t understand intuitively that holding a weapon is calming, but if they think about it for a minute they will grasp the idea. It has never been uncommon for a man to keep a gun in his desk, so he can hold it when various states come upon him.

When a woman is doing to you what she was doing to him, the weapon also has the ability to remind him he is in control. The gun in no way makes a man more likely to commit an act of violence, and does the opposite. If a man is going to kill his wife in a fit of rage, he wants to do it with his hands. He wants the satisfaction of ripping that life out of her. He’s not going to shoot her.

Now here’s the craziest part of all of this: there are men who can watch this clip, and come to the conclusion that this man must have been abusing this poor woman. Those men exist. For me, it is actually impossible for me to wrap my head around what exactly is going on in their heads, but it’s some kind of thing where as a result of an unhealthy relationship with their mother (and by extension, with their father as well), they view all women as fundamentally innocent and fundamentally victims of men.

When you combine the fact that those men exist with the amount of power that women have in modern society, and the way women will collectively defend each other against men, you have a situation where a woman can do what Candice Parscale did on Sunday, have it be undeniable what she did, and she suffer zero consequences for it.

The woman might be trying to provoke a divorce, and had this whole thing planned for some time. She might have just woke up on Sunday morning and decided she wanted some excitement. Or she could have just done it on a whim, without even really thinking about why she was doing it. It really makes no difference what drove her to do it, it only matters that she did do it, and now her husband’s life is destroyed.

This is what women are. They are monsters, with no sense of morality or dignity of any kind. They hurt the men who love and care for them sadistically, and feel no guilt. This is a man who is rich and famous, who could have a woman much better and younger, who has allowed her to be around. She will never appreciate that you bought her a mansion, she will never appreciate your work success. Her only thought is always this: “he owes me and he needs to give me more.”

But understand this: he walked right into this.

No, I’m not going to say that he made a bad decision by marrying her – he did that because he liked her, and it doesn’t really matter, because any woman would have done this same thing if she ever decided to do it. There are no “good women,” and blaming a man for his choice in a wife is really just another way to blame men for women’s behavior.

The reason you can blame him is that he allowed her to get to him. You see him when he comes out of the house, saying, “she’s fucking- … she’s saying-” and just acting in a generally agitated way. Women are aware that there is little difference in the state of a man who has been agitated by a woman and a man who has had a psychotic breakdown.

You cannot let them get to you like this. If they know they are able to get to you, they will exploit that whenever they feel it benefits their purposes, and you might end up in a situation like this. I understand they are good at getting at you. That is one of their single natural skills, this ability to peck a man until he loses it. But you cannot give her control of your body and soul in that way. You have to be able to resist, and maintain composure at all times, no matter what.

Frankly, Brad Parscale is 44 years old, and he should be able to manage a woman pecking at him.

As I always tell you: every skill you learn will make your life easier. But one of the single most important skills you will ever learn is the ability to control yourself in the face of a woman’s abuse.

Also, always remember this: the closer you are able to keep your cards to your chest with regards to the inner workings of your mind and soul, and prevent a woman from seeing what makes you tick, the less ammo she will have to use in her attacks. Don’t ever tell her any of your problems, don’t ever tell her any of your feelings. She will use any and all of it against you.

The interesting companion to that is the less a woman knows about what is going on in your head, the more attracted to you and generally satisfied by you she will be, and thus the less likely she will be to do something like this. (A woman being attracted to you or satisfied by you is not based on any objective gauges, and is a state of hers that can back and forth in a matter of seconds, and it is possible that a woman who wakes up in the morning feeling perfectly happy with you will all of a sudden decide to do what this woman did for literally no reason that even she understands. However, the more she despises you, the more likely she is to create problems.)

A further point in avoiding these types of situations: if she has children that she is looking after, she is much less likely to do something like this. Not because she feels any remorse about exposing children to this sort of thing, but simply because the baby is a distraction for her and also uses up her excess energy that she would use for a show like this.


For anyone new to this understanding of women or otherwise struggling with it, understand: the goal is not to hate women, or to keep away from them or anything like that. The goal is to simply be aware of their tricks, and protect yourself from them as much as you can.

This is just the reality of the way women are. It is neither good nor bad, any more than rain or the wind are good or bad. You just have to accept it for what it is and deal with it as it is.

God made women this way for his own reasons. The very first one was an absolute bitch who destroyed paradise because she was bored and a talking snake told her of a way to have a good time.