Body Implant That Kills People Who Forget to Turn It Off Coming Soon

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In the upcoming world order, people may not be able to choose the way they want to live their lives, but they will be able to choose the way they die.

Right now, the available choices are suicide pods and killer body implants, but scientists are working hard to expand that list.


The doctor who developed bizarre ‘suicide pods’ has grabbed the public’s attention once more, this time with a body implant for people who might develop dementia that would administer lethal poison if they forgot to turn it off.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, an Australian assisted suicide advocate who administered the first voluntary lethal injection in 1996, has proposed a body implant that would include a button people need to press “regularly,” possibly every day, in order to prevent poison from being released into their bloodstream. It has not been determined what exact kind of poison would be released by the implant.

Nitschke, dubbed ‘Dr. Death’ by the media, previously found himself embroiled in controversy after introducing ‘suicide pods’ that kill the user by filling the small space with nitrogen.

The pods could be ready for operation in Switzerland by next year, the creator revealed earlier this month. The practice of assisted suicide is legal in the country.

The concern about the body implants, besides larger debates about the legality and morality of assisted suicide, is the fact that users could simply forget to press their button, even if they don’t have dementia.

Don’t worry, the doctor said he’ll make the implants beep for a day or two before killing the person, and we can trust The Science to only ever use these implants in people who ask for them.

Besides, if the implants didn’t emit any kind of sound, that’d only make the game more interesting.

Don’t you want to play?