Bob Whitaker to Run as Vice-President on the American Freedom Party Ticket!

Daily Stormer
March 16, 2015

BobWhitakerIt has recently been announced that Bob Whitaker, a very long time activist in the pro-White movement and one of the very short list of guys who has actually gotten things done, will be filling the role of vice-Presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party.

Whitaker Online:

I will campaign on White Genocide.

Kenn, our presidential nominee, knows that and agrees with it.

Let’s take a moment to APPRECIATE that.

Any other right splinter party like the American Party and certainly the Libertarians would scream bloody murder and get rid of me instantly.

Once again, I remind you of a SUBbasic, i.e., something that we take for granted and which doesn’t get mentioned.

As trained BUGSERS, we seem to notice only that Kenn is not a trained specialist in our area.

A SUBbasic is a point that is overlooked because it is taken for granted, like the fact that Diversity only refers to whites.

I would like to put forward the SUBbasic that, when I made if perfectly clear we were running a one-issue, White Genocide campaign, they not only accepted it but ENDORSED it.

More important to us, Kenn did not even raise an eyebrow at it.

The American Freedom Party has an article on the Hungarian rejection of Diversity of which I am jealous:

They did not mention the second political Party which quotes the Mantra, but nobody’s perfect.

If any other Party, no matter how tiny, went along with us this way we would celebrate it

Kenn is not a trained BUGSER, but he is someone who can discuss OTHER issues. We found out on PalTalk how boring our message gets if it is done right over a half hour or so.

This running on two separate forms of publicity is all brand new, but brand new is Bob’s specialty, the reason you pay me the Big Money.

I now favor the vice presidential slot because the head of the ticket has to travel, which is a non-go for me, but also because Kenn’s function is entirely different from what I see as a vice presidential nominee’s: The lead man on the ticket has to make speeches and handle ALL issues.

Further, I have new vision for a vice presidential nominee, or at least THIS one.

The vice president is famous for having no Function. His only job, outside of keeping his heart beating in case the president fails in that function, is to preside over the Senate. But the Senate goes right on along when there is no Vice President.

The vice presidency has no FUNCTION.

Instead of a FUNCTION, we will make the Vice Presidency a MESSAGE.

Same ticket, two candidates – one who is willing to perform the FUNCTIONS of the Presidency, and the other a MESSAGE: END WHITE GENOCIDE.

White Genocide Project:

Bob Whitaker created the Mantra, and inspired the mini-Mantras that our well-trained BUGSers and many others of you use (thanks!) to pump STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes and phrases into the mainstream.

Bob is delighted to have an additional platform from which to bring discussion of the anti-whites‘ program of White Genocide into the public arena, now that he’s accepted the American Freedom Party’s offer to sponsor him as a candidate for the vice-presidency of the United States.

Bob has made it very clear* that he will use that platform to run a single-issue campaign: White GeNOcide!

The Mantra Express is leaving the station.


White Rabbit Radio:

Yesterday afternoon Bob and I were invited to speak on Jamie Kelso’s radio show, American Freedom Party Report. Jamie used the opportunity to announce Bobs Vice Presidential candidacy for the American Freedom Party.

Kenn Gividen was also present and is most likely to be the AFP’s candidate for President. Bob spoke at length about his single platform approach as well as explaining his successful methods he’s employed for over 6o years.

We also spoke about March Against #WhiteGenocide on 3/21 and Jamie says that the AFP will get behind the event. This is great news because MAWG needs all the support it can get to make 3/21 a success in raising international awareness to White Genocide.

I was on Stormfront radio this morning with Truck Roy and Don Black where I announced Bobs Vice Presidential candidacy and discussed the March Against #WhiteGenocide . After the show Truck Roy messaged and said “This candidacy could be huge for the Mantra” and he is exactly right.

As a BUGSER I can say with confidence that Bob will have the support of the SWARM the whole way. With Bob at the helm and his harden foot soldiers willing to Work, this new playing field is a great opportunity to bring our White Genocide message to new heights.

Coach, you’re not alone anymore, You have a whole cavalry with you now!

The American Freedom Party is also responsible for forming the National Youth Front, which recently secured one of the biggest victories for White activism in decades with the operation against the “problem of Whiteness” class at Arizona State University.

If there political campaigns are half as effective as their activism, they might even win the election!