Are Our Eyes Turning Blue to Help Prevent us From Going Extinct?

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2014

Nicole Kidman thinks that blue eyes are on the rise because they are regarded as attractive, but could there be another reason?

People’s eyes are turning blue in Britain.

Researchers think that this is because people find blue eyes attractive, so they are theorizing that it is an evolutionary adaptation to make people more attractive.

There could be another reason though – perhaps our race is adapting to the danger of having Non-Whites in our midst, by ensuring that all White people are born with blue eyes. This would make it much easier for our race to identify suitable mating partners and help to ensure we do not go extinct.

Although the evidence for full scale evolution into different species is scarce, there is ample evidence of our bodies making micro-adaptations to our environment. A micro-adaptation in order to prevent us from dying out, makes much more sense to me than a micro-adaptation to please vanity.

The study, carried out by ScotlandsDNA, revealed that the Scots and Irish were most likely to have blue eyes – with the largest population occurring in south east Scotland.

Daily Mail:

Blue is the most common eye colour in Britain, researchers found.

All eyes in the country were once brown, but a study revealed they are now 48 per cent blue, 30 per cent green and 22 per cent brown.

The study, which mapped out eye colour across the UK and Ireland, revealed that the Scots and the Irish are more likely to have blue eyes than others – especially those living in the south.

Scientists believe the reason for the increase in the number of blue eyes could be to do with how attractive people find them.

South East Scotland reported the highest proportion of blue-eyed residents – 57 per cent – while blue eyes are least common in South West England, where they account for just 35 per cent.

South East and East England have similarly low proportion of blue-eyed residents – just 44 and 41 per cent respectively – while in all regions of Ireland at least half of people have blue eyes.

Alistair Moffat of ScotlandsDNA, which carried out the study, said he was surprised at the findings. He told The Times: ‘A lot of people think blue eyes are much rarer than they are.’

He said the colour may be more dominant because it is regarded as attractive, adding: ‘It may be that blue eyes are like the peacock’s tail. It doesn’t confer any evolutionary advantage … except that it gets him more mates.’

Blue-eyed Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and Paul Newman all support the theory that blue eyes add to a person’s sexual appeal.

Mr Moffat added: ‘All of them have inherited their eye colour …  through their DNA, and because of the way that blue eyes deal with light, they also appear to have inherited a natural sparkle.

It did not used to matter what color your eyes were when we were all White in Britain, but now that we have Mulattoes, Octaroons and Quadroons living among us, brown eyes could be a sign of corrupted DNA. If all White people had blue eyes, that would help in identifying who was still White and help prevent our extinction. Our eyes turning blue could well be a sign of our race dying out.