Blue Checks are Just Lying About the Coronavirus mRNA “Vaccine,” Saying It Isn’t Gene Therapy

Former New York Times journalist and novelist Alex Berenson has been with us from the beginning of the coronavirus hoax as one of the only sound and sane voices still allowed in public.

He recently posted a tweet pointing out that this supposed “vaccine” is a form of gene therapy. The tweet was in response to someone asking if he was a general anti-vaxxer or just skeptical of the coronavirus vaccine.

Twitter marked the tweet as “misleading” without explaining what was misleading.

Two different blue checks replied to the tweet, false claiming that it isn’t gene therapy.

Berenson responded to both with screenshots of various institutions referring to it as gene therapy.

The vaccine is literally an injection of synthetic mRNA. This isn’t a mystery and it isn’t controversial.

Here’s an official diagram from Pfizer:

The second reply was from Jonah Goldberg, who is the Jew who runs the “conservative” National Review. So he is just an all around shill and professional liar who enforces establishment doctrines about everything.

But the first reply was from “Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD,” who is a Jewish vaccine doctor. He absolutely knows what the vaccine is, and is just openly lying about it. It is literally “gene delivery technology.”

How are they so bold to just lie outright about something anyone can Google?

I guess they just think people are too stupid to look it up?

They could easily say, “well, it is a form of gene therapy, but it’s limited for the purpose of a vaccination” or some such thing. Instead, they are just lying outright.

And these people wonder why people are hesitant to take the shot? When this is the state of discussion? When Jewish journalists and Jewish vaccine doctors get together and just publicly lie about what they are trying to inject you with?