Bloody Hell: Mexican Teen Kills His Mother, Little Brother with Butcher Knife, Runs

Daily Stormer
September 25, 2013

Adrian Navarro: 16-year-old Mexican Butcher.
Adrian Navarro: 16-year-old Mexican Butcher.
Yet another bizarre story of a non-White committing a brutal murder. Yet another sickening act that would not have happened in our country if we did not allow these people inside it.

From the AP:

A teenager from a Las Vegas suburb remained on the loose Wednesday amid a national manhunt and charges he killed his mother and 9-year-old brother just a day after celebrating his 16th birthday with them.

The search for Adrian Navarro-Canales entered its sixth day, and police said they were also searching at the Mexican border for the southern Nevada teen. Police discovered the bodies of his mother and younger brother in the bathroom of their Henderson apartment on Friday.

Navarro-Canales initially was named by police as a possible victim, then identified Monday as the prime suspect in the slayings. An arrest warrant said he would be prosecuted as an adult.

Henderson police investigators think the killings happened Tuesday, but the bodies weren’t discovered until Friday — the fourth time a relative and the mother’s boyfriend called to say they were worried about whether he, Elvira Canales-Gomez and Cesar Navarro were OK.

Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said officers “found no cause to break in” during the first three visits.

“On Friday, we had family members saying they tried several times to contact (Canales-Gomez) and couldn’t reach her,” he said.

A Henderson police officer fetched a key from property managers and was hit as he entered the apartment by the pungent smell of decomposing bodies, the police report said.

The mom was found dead on the bathroom floor with multiple stab wounds and a butcher knife in her chest. Cesar, 9, was found in the bathtub. He had been stabbed once.

Adrian Navarro-Canales — who celebrated his 16th birthday Sept. 16 with his mother, brother and mother’s boyfriend at the apartment — was nowhere to be found.

Paul said investigators think Navarro-Canales acted alone, and authorities didn’t know Tuesday where he was. The Associated Press typically doesn’t identify minors accused of crimes, but is naming Navarro-Canales because of the seriousness of the crime and the manhunt for him.

“We’re still searching,” Paul said. “We are doing everything possible to find him.”