Blood Libel is Back! And This Time It’s Not Little Kids

Al. B. On
The Right Stuff
May 8, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Your Friend

Everyone who is anyone in British politics is freaking out. The reason? The Labour Party is in a “state of crisis” over “anti-Semitism” from one of its MPs and veteran socialist former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. It must be true. David Cameron said so.

First, what exactly was said? Not really that important, but one Muslim (no surprise there) Labour backbencher once said something mean and hurtful about our beloved Israel on Facebook, and Ken Livingstone has defended her. However, he went further. In an interview, while drawing the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, he made a compelling case for the proposition that Hitler was in fact a kind of Zionist himself in that he wanted the Chosen out of Europe. Hitler circa 1932 preferred to ship them to Israel, rather than oven six million of them. He then “went mad” and tried to kill them instead. This version of events is one supported by the Prime Minister of Israel. But if a goy says it, oy vey!

For the avoidance of doubt, Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone are scum. They are socialists and cultural leftists. But they have one redeeming feature: they oppose the Evil Empire that is the United States, they oppose big corporations, and they are brave enough to stand up to the Israel lobby. Mr Livingstone has been doing it for rather longer than Miss Shah, and so he understandably did not back down.

But this is, as the equally brave George Galloway has said, part of a (Jewish) coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn and his far-left, anti-American, anti-neoconservative faction from the Labour leadership. There is already talk of Margaret Hodge (Jewish) acting as a “stalking horse” candidate to begin a leadership election following disappointing local election results.

People do not yet realise just how much of an anomaly the September 2015 Labour leadership election was. It was not meant to happen. “Democracy” has always been a legitimising ideology, never something the Political Class has willingly put in practice. The election of Corbyn last September was truly spectacular, and resulted from an ill-thought out change in the Labour Party constitution by Ed Miliband, thus allowing the election of an outsider for the first time since the 1980s.

What do I mean by an outsider? Yes, Corbyn is a socialist, a cultural leftist, but not necessarily a Marxist. He is what you would call a “Bennite”, i.e. a follower of Tony Benn. Tony Benn was fiercely patriotic and a believer in Parliament, and a long-time anti-war campaigner. His brand of socialism grew out of the 19th-century Methodist social reformers of the Industrial Revolution. He once said, “My socialism owes more to Jesus Christ than Karl Marx.”

Jeremy Corbyn and his faction are heirs to what Corbyn’s ally John McDonnell calls the “British Socialist” Tradition. They are not in the same league of political trash as Tony Blair, and more recently, Liz Kendall, who was the Blairite candidate last September in the leadership election. She is very Jewish and very vocal about it.

Since members of Corbyn’s faction are not friends of Israel, I thought to myself last September that Corbyn would last three months before a coup. He has lasted to May. He won’t last much longer.

On the 27th April the vultures began to circle, with Labour “lords”, such as Lord Levy, inventing the problem of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. No doubt then they began to scour the internet for vaguely anti-Israel stuff posted by Corbyn’s supporters. After being called a “Nazi”, On 28th April, Ken Livingstone was suspended from the party by Corbyn in an attempt to show his “concern”, clearly fearful for his position. Blood libel is well and truly back, only this time the victims aren’t young children, but high ranking, respected politicians who step out of line.

Speaking of the internet, my own Facebook feed is full of conservatives and libertarians eagerly denouncing the Labour Party for its “problem with anti-Semitism.” The glee with which so-called “cultural libertarians”, i.e. supposed defenders of all speech, however offensive, and writers for so-called ‘anti-establishment’ conservative sites such as the “free speech” organisation ‘Spiked’ and Breitbart London denounce Corbyn shows just how pervasive Jewish influence in my country’s politics really is. I am waiting with baited breath for the cultural libertarian defence of Ken Livingstone…

Oh, to be sure, these people are happy to be “offensive.” They are happy to insult trannies, blacks, and, of course, Muslims. They love taking the SJWs to task, and showing how the current generation is ruining the wonderful West with their silly safe spaces and their micro-aggression nonsense. Except, you see, the West is already ruined. And the Jews have played a bigger part in that than the Muslims.

Jews have been pulling the strings in British politics for a long time. As far back as the 19th century, we had one as our Prime Minister. Benjamin Disraeli was an early example of a Jewish entryist in British politics. At a young age, eager to get ahead, he stopped practicing his religion, and spent every waking hour trying to infiltrate the upper echelons of British society. He succeeded, occasionally receiving the odd adverse, albeit good-natured and funny, comment about his ethnicity. (Apparently at one dinner party, an old Englishman shoved pork under his nose with the ever-so-witty adlib, “Pork for the Jew!”)

Disraeli continued and having made a good marriage was eventually elected to the House of Commons. In politics, he behaved as Jews are wont to do today. At first, he was laughed at after a ridiculously pretentious maiden speech in the chamber. But soon enough, he was jumping on bandwagons, and then hijacking them, with one example of this being the Great Reforms of the 19th century. At first keen to present himself as an English gentleman, he opposed the expansion of the franchise. When the country seemed ready for it, he became its most enthusiastic proponent. No longer was Disraeli one of the gentry, now he was one of the people!

Another example of such Jewish entryism is that of the Goldsmith family. Zac Goldsmith MP is currently on course to lose the London Mayoral election to Sadiq Khan, a Muslim. Many outside London are aghast that a Muslim could be elected Mayor of London. Fine, but why is it OK to elect a Jew?

I could go on. I could mention Winston Churchill and his Zionism. I could mention how Jews like Sir Keith Joseph very much “created” Margaret Thatcher. Or I could go on for hours about the real power behind Tony Blair.

But I don’t see the point. Most of you will be familiar with the situation in America, where Jews decide your foreign policy and much else. You know that Jews are the power elite.

What so many are yet to realise, or to fully appreciate, is the extent to which they control almost every political movement in my country. When I said that Jewish influence on British politics is pervasive, I meant it. The current anti-Zionist Labour Party leader is a dead man walking. ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ is a major Conservative Party funder.
UKIP panders to the Jews, with Nigel Farage giving long interviews to the Jewish Chronicle, for example, specifying that Halal slaughterhouses should be banned, but Kosher ones left alone. Farage took over a largely paleoconservative party and so has had an understandably schizophrenic attitude to the question of war with Iran to “protect Israel”, sometimes for it, sometimes against. And of course, Farage loves his trips to the United States, where he appears on all the neoconservative talk shows, talks about “our Judaeo-Christian heritage”, and where he bangs on about the Special Relationship and the problem of the Muslims.

Smaller parties like the ‘Counter-Jihad’ party “Liberty GB” are also Jewish outfits, with the Outreach Officer of said party being of Jewish descent and their Leader photographed wearing a kippah. This party is linked to PEGIDA UK, which celebrates diversity, with Pakistani and Israeli flags flown at its marches. Their only problem is Islam.

But all this is formal politics. Of course we should expect this to be the case in formal politics.

Surely, though, the non-mainstream, anti-establishment Right, is different. Well, what I find concerning is the growing fan-base among young right-wing men of Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos is a “cultural libertarian” and spends his time talking about feminism and trannies. His meteoric rise has seen even some members of the Alt-Right fall head over heels in love with him.
Now, granted, he makes some points quite well. But he is a homosexual and he is of Jewish descent, even referring to himself as a Jew when it suits him. Interestingly, if you look at the Wikipedia edit history on his page, it is quite obvious that his adoring fans are keen to remove any mention of his Jewish mother, instead describing Yiannopoulos as “Roman Catholic”–not a very good one if he enjoys being sodomised by black men, as he repeatedly tells us. Yiannopoulos’ hair is also naturally black, not blonde, yet he is desperate to look Aryan, just as Disraeli was desperate to fit in with all the old country gents and lords of the manor.

Again, similar to Disraeli, Yiannopoulos is an opportunist. He jumps from one project to another, doing anything for attention and praise. Most recently, an article has appeared on Breitbart under his name (which he did not write, since he has at least two ghost-writers for his Breitbart articles, so he isn’t even a good fraud) which purports to explain what the Alt-Right is. “His” tone throughout is patronising, describing the Alt-Right as little more than “mischievous” and telling us (just to stop us from having impure thoughts) that what they say about the Jews is “not edifying.” Oh, anything you say, Milo! We promise not to step out of line again!

Regarding his homosexuality, don’t get me wrong, some of our best people are gay. One thinks of Justin Raimondo of Anti-War.Com, for instance. However, the difference between Yiannopoulos and Raimondo is that, unless you had a fine-tuned “gaydar”, you would never be able to tell that Raimondo was gay. Yiannopoulos can’t stop talking about it. Once we accept people like that into our movements, the movement implicitly accepts homosexuality as normal. And that is not OK. One of the many reasons why, on present trends, the West is lost, is because too many of our young men are effeminate, unable (or unwilling) to attract women, and not concerned in the slightest about raising white Christian children (something that gays won’t do and Jews don’t want us to do).

Yiannopoulos’ group interests may overlap with our own. As a homosexual, he may be opposed to feminism, but only because he is a woman-hater. As a Jew, he may be opposed to Muslim immigration and happy to make some quite frankly ridiculous comments about Muslims, but only because Arabs and Israelis don’t exactly get along. While presenting himself as a “Roman Catholic”, he retains his Jewish identity, as do most Jews. He may criticise the BBC, but only when its reporters don’t pander to Israel.
Some progress (of sorts) is being made, however. The new President of the National Union of Students is a leftist half-caste Muslim who refuses to back down on comments she has made about the Zionist media. The Labour Party’s membership has swollen by hundreds of thousands, and they are all young, anti-American and anti-Zionist leftists. With any luck, the Labour Party will destroy itself in the coming civil war. The British Left is about to commit fratricide.

Significantly, all this is happening at the same time as a Conservative civil war is raging, with the ultra-neoconservatives like Michael Gove, Michael Howard (Jewish), and Boris Johnson wanting to leave the EU and become the 53rd state of the United States after Israel and Saudi Arabia. This fratricide in both the Conservative and Labour Parties at the same time is a truly historic opportunity. If the work is put in by the right people, the result may well be a new, stronger coalition in British politics, opposed to Zionism and American Imperialism, and independent of Jewish and American funding. But with so many cucks on the British Right worshipping a very “dangerous faggot” indeed, don’t be surprised if that essential coalition is made up almost entirely of hacked-off hard leftists.