Blood-Drinking Kikes of the NYT Forced to Admit Trump Great for the Economy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

While we’ve been complaining about no wall – which we absolutely were right to do, mind you – Trump has been focusing on the economy, which is his strong-suit, and doing very, very good things.

Even the contemptible Christ-killing Jews are forced to admit the economy is amazing. Though they will no-doubt attempt to give credit to the evil jungle savage Barack Obama.

Even so, doing these jobs reports must be torture for them.

New York Times:

The Takeaway

February’s report was a barnburner: Companies added jobs at the strongest pace in a year and a half, and the labor force gained hundreds of thousands of workers. The report for March wasn’t as strong, but still extended a remarkable run in the job market.

March was the 90th consecutive month of job growth, by far the longest streak on record.

“The fundamentals still remain solid,” said Dan North, chief economist for Euler Hermes North America.

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Waiting on Wages

The one dull spot in February’s report was wage growth, which slowed from January. Earnings rebounded in March, rising 2.7 percent from a year earlier. Economists caution against reading too much into the month-to-month data on wages, which is volatile and prone to distortions.

The bigger picture is that wage growth remains weaker than most economists would expect when unemployment is so low. Economists have proposed a long list of possible explanations, from globalization to weak productivity growth. Most still expect employers to have to raise pay eventually to attract and retain workers. But so far, employers are resisting.

“It’s a standoff, almost, on wages,” said Jason Guggisberg, a vice president at the staffing firm Adecco. “Who’s going to go first?”

Workers might be rooting for faster wage growth, but investors might be less enthusiastic. That’s because faster wage growth could spark fears of inflation, and the possibility that the Federal Reserve would be forced to raise interest rates more quickly than it now plans. Markets tumbled after a report of unexpectedly strong wage growth in January.

At the end of their report on the glorious economy, the New Yiddish Times suggests we’re going to have to bring in more savages to fill these positions.

With available workers increasingly scarce, companies are going to greater lengths to find potential employees. Some are hiring people with criminal records or loosening hiring requirements. Others are trying to entice people previously on the economy’s sidelines, like at-home parents and recent retirees.

“I’ve had more conversations about retirees in the last month than I have in the last year,” said Becky Frankiewicz, president of ManpowerGroup, a staffing firm. “That’s an ideal population because they’re still highly skilled and they’re experienced.”

Well, no.

Look at their statements about stagnant wages before their statements about needing more workers.

Not having enough employees will force wages to rise. That is the way economies work. And that is a good thing. If wages top off, and we’re at 100% employment, maybe then we can talk about importing people – from the first world. 

There are people in Scandinavia who want to come to America because their countries are too socialistic and that’s put a cap on their personal potential.

Or we can talk about taking in refugees from South Africa.

Then, and only then, can we talk about bringing in people from poorer Eastern European countries, where we could obviously pull more people than we could ever possibly need from, if it came to that.

In no single analysis do we need shitholers.

And you know a lot of these programs that brought in shitholers had absolutely nothing to do with the economy anyway.

The “diversity lotto” literally had the stated purpose of just bringing in random people from wherever just to “mix it up.”

We have terrorists coming in on diversity visas even and the Jewish excuse is that it’s our fault they became terrorists.

Trump is Now in Control

Doing good for the economy goes a long, long way to making a leader invincible.

If Trump can maintain this good economy, where people are getting better jobs and making more money, the majority of the people who were against him will forget why they were against him. It takes a special sort of person (woman or Jew, pretty much) to put some kind of bizarre “new morality” over personal financial gain.

So, theoretically, we could be ready to see Trump going a lot harder on the issues he campaigned on, now that the economy is in such a stable place.

And I think we’re already seeing that.

He’s sending the military to the border as we speak.

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