Blonde German Woman Transforms Herself Into a “Negress”

Diversity Macht Frei
January 24, 2018

It’s a good illustration of the general derangement of our times.

Here’s how she started. A not stunningly attractive, but at least half-decent-looking girl.

Here’s how she ended up. A monstrosity.

First breast enlargement, then the Blackening.

Middle of January 2017 I had a medical procedure witch changed my appearance fundamental.

First my skin goes darker. Then my hair, my eyes and my eyebrows darkened. Then I noticed that my completely body changed from a Caucasian to a Black woman.

Therefore I went in July 2017 to the government and changed my ethnicity official to “Black”.

Consequently got a new passport and ID card.

I like my new African look very much 🙂 Therefore, I will support my body in the further transformation.

I will also change my facial features to African and enlarge my buttocks.

Further more, my breasts will be even bigger.

I hope that the future will bring BIG things 🙂


In an environment where powerful people and institutions are constantly signalling that people with certain attributes are a favoured class, it is inevitable that some weak-minded individuals will respond to those signals by seeking to transform themselves into members of the elite-approved groups.

This is the basic psychological process that underlies the tranny phenomenon (nearly always male to “female”), Muslim conversion and now this absurdity of “becoming black”.