Blogger Fraud Luke O’Brien Continues to Print Fake Quotes From Andrew Anglin, Huffington Post Stands by the Fake Quotes

We all know the media lies about virtually everything, but you would think there would be some kind of limit to it. When it comes to me, apparently there is not.

Over the course of the last few months, Huffington Post blogger Luke O’Brien has been printing fake quotes from me, claiming that I am giving him these quotes. I reached out to Huffington Post to explain that I did not give these quotes.

The Huffington Post did not even bother to respond, and since then, they have continued to print fake quotes from me.

This situation is almost unbelievable. I have never heard of this happening to anyone, ever. I am privately and publicly saying “I am not in communication with this journalist, I did not give these quotes,” and they just continue to print them.

By my count, Luke O’Brien has now printed fake quotes from me a total of threes times (though I may be missing others, I do not read the blog regularly).

Instance #1:

When reached for comment over Twitter, where the neo-Nazi was ostensibly banned four years ago, Anglin refused to discuss Randazza’s desire to dump him as a client.

“That question is too personal to answer,” he said.

Instance #2:

Andrew Anglin runs The Daily Stormer, the world’s biggest neo-Nazi publication. A criminal, slanderer and serial harasser who was involved in organizing the Charlottesville riot, Anglin claims to be living abroad in a secret location out of fear for his safety. He has branded himself the “most censored person on the internet,” but he isn’t censored on Twitter, despite being banned from the platform in 2015 for spreading racist lies. Anglin is currently using an anonymous “sock” account to promote his neo-Nazi site and harass people. He told HuffPost that he operates several other sock accounts. ”What was the point of GAB in the first place?” he said. “Twitter is LIT.”

Instance #3:

“[W]hen people are paying a lot of money to do a MAGA routine, you do it,” Anglin told HuffPost in April. “Money talks.”

“I make [$]15,000 a week in crypto,” he told HuffPost in April through one of his Twitter accounts. (HuffPost confirmed through Anglin and other sources the account is controlled by the neo-Nazi.) “Business is doing well.”

For anyone who actually reads this site, these quotes are very clearly fake.

For instance, I have never once used the term “LIT.” And the idea that I would be claiming to have been paid to promote Donald Trump and then claiming that I’m making $15,000 a week is simply nonsensical.

O’Brien’s claim is that he is communicating with a secret Twitter account that I use. This account is run by Ludovici, who is a funny troll who has been impersonating me on the internet – without ever using my name – for at least four years.

This was confirmed by Matthew Kassel of The Jewish Daily Forward – even while he claimed to have secret knowledge that I actually am Ludovici.

His article also contained the first response I’ve gotten from the Huffington Post with regards to my demand that they cease printing fake quotes from me:

The reclusive neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin was banned from Twitter in 2015, but that hasn’t kept him off the site.

Anglin is still operating anonymously on the social media platform through at least one fake account he uses to promote content from The Daily Stormer, the anti-Semitic hate site he founded in 2013, according to a source with direct knowledge of Anglin’s presence on Twitter who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

The account, whose handle has not been publicly identified until now, is @Rumples42296282, goes by the name “Ludovici” and often links to Daily Stormer content. It has been registered since December 2018. Presumably, the account is named after the obscure British fascist Anthony Ludovici, who died in 1971. He is a figure Anglin would likely admire, according to Lawrence Rosenthal, chairman of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies. The Daily Stormer, Rosenthal said, is “uncompromisingly facsist.”

The Twitter account claims in its biography that it is operating from Rostov-on-Don, a city in southern Russia. But it is unclear if that is the account’s actual location — Anglin once lived in Russia but his whereabouts are currently unknown — as any user can invent a location in his or her own Twitter profile.

The source confirmed that Anglin had identified himself as the operator of the Ludovici account, adding that Anglin likely controls more than one anonymous account on Twitter. In the past, Anglin, who is in his mid-30s, has claimed to have created thousands of fake Twitter accounts.

A Twitter spokesperson would not confirm or deny that Anglin, whose Twitter identification number was first reported by HuffPost, is behind the account.

The Forward emailed a Yandex account, listed on The Daily Stormer’s website, inquiring about the Ludovici account and received a response from a person claiming to be Anglin and denying that the account was his. The person also claimed to have emailed HuffPost twice asking for a retraction of its story. In a statement, a HuffPost spokesperson said, “We are aware of one instance that Anglin did reach out,” adding, “We stand by our reporting and the accuracy of this piece.”

It was unclear if the message was actually sent by Anglin, and the person did not respond to several follow-up emails.

It is difficult to know if these people are malicious or simply functionally retarded.

Why would I be running secret Twitter accounts and using them to give quotes to the media, then claim I’m not giving these quotes?

You will also note that Kassel alleges (or suggests?) that the email address I have on my site’s contact page is not actually my email address. What can this possibly even mean? Is he suggesting that my site has been hacked? That I cannot be trusted to use my own official communications channels, and thus the only reliable source for quotes from me is an anonymous Twitter account they have no evidence belongs to me?

I will include below all of the email exchanges I had with Kassel.

Of course, if he doesn’t believe that the email address on my contact page is actually mine, he has no reason to believe that it is me writing this article – in fact, Andrew Anglin may have never had anything to do with the Daily Stormer at all, and perhaps all he ever was was a guy with an anonymous Twitter account. That would mean that the real mystery is: who is actually running the Daily Stormer?

But I do not think that most people will become confused on that level.

Here is the exchange we had before the article was printed:

As you can see, I stopped responding and he kept messaging me. I am a busy man and humoring Jewish journalists is not at the top of my priorities. Plus, I just never saw the emails because I don’t usually see most of my emails.

When going through my emails last week, I found the email chain and sent this reply:

By the time I sent that, he had already printed the above article claiming that I run this secret account, though I had not seen the article when I sent it.

He responded with this:

Yes, that is the Jewish Daily Forward’s Matthew Kassel claiming that he has no way to confirm that the email account listed as my official contact address on my website is actually me – after he’s printed an article claiming that he is certain that an anonymous Twitter account is the real me, because of an anonymous tip.

Still, what Kassel did is far less egregious than what Luke O’Brien and the Huffington Post did, which is actually illegal (and O’Brien calls me a “criminal,” even though I’ve never been accused of a crime).

It is relatively standard practice in journalism to use “anonymous sources” to make false claims. We are all familiar with this, and spent the last 3 years watching the New York Times and the Washington Post, among many others, engage in this behavior with regards to the Russiagate hoax.

I don’t agree with this practice, and in fact it disgusts me, but it is something very different than printing literal fake quotes from a person and then when called out on it by that person, not only refusing to retract the quote, but continuing to print more fake quotes, and then claiming that you “stand by your reporting.” This is surreal and virtually incomprehensible.

Andrew Anglin’s Journalism Class for Little Babies: “Due Diligence”

Accountable Journalism has the codes of ethics of every major journalistic organization in the world. Every single one of them contains instructions on verifying sources.

There is simply no situation ever in journalistic history, that I am aware of, where a journalist has printed quotes from an anonymous person claiming to be another person, and when the person corrects them, saying that they are not that anonymous person, the publication says “well, we think actually you are.”

“Due diligence” in the situation of Huffington Post printing quotes using an anonymous Twitter account as quotes from me would be for them to contact me through an official channel – in this case, the email account listed as the official contact address on my website – and confirm that it is my account. That was never done.

And with this Kassel person – he is claiming that the Twitter account is really me, but the official email account on my site might not be!

So, one of two things is happening:

Luke O’Brien is so stupid that he thinks I would be giving him quotes on Twitter while publicly denying that I am doing this. And somehow he thinks that it is still okay to print these quotes, because he is so certain that the anonymous Twitter account is mine that I have no business claiming otherwise. Luke O’Brien has regularly put on public display various bizarre, unhinged behavior, leading me to believe he may be completely disconnected from reality. For example, after spending years claiming that I lived in Ohio secretly, he is now claiming that I am living in Russia secretly, during the same time period he was claiming I was in Ohio. He has not given any explanation as to how his theory was thus transformed.

However, the editors of Huffington Post are backing him up on this, which leads me to believe that something much more diabolical could be afoot. They are establishing a pattern that I am a source that regularly offers quotes to them. Maybe they are getting these from the Ludovici troll account, maybe they aren’t – there is no way to know either way. But Luke O’Brien’s fake news reporting about how I secretly lived in Ohio (which, as stated, he has now retracted – or rather simply changed, no retraction was ever offered – without explanation) was used in court. And if they are able to establish that I am giving them quotes, they can then say “Anglin told the Huffington Post he is planning a terrorist attack” or some such thing. After all, if I’m telling them that I was secretly bribed with $15,000 a week to promote Donald Trump, why would I not divulge other diabolical plots to them through this secret Twitter account?

So, I just want this to be on the record:

  • I am not Ludovici.
  • I do not have a Twitter account.
  • These people are lying.
  • I will not ever give a statement to Luke O’Brien, under any circumstances.
  • I can only be contacted through my official email that is listed on this website’s contact page.
  • Any quote from me that I give to the media will be given through said email account, and should be verified that way.
  • Otherwise, the only place where you can read my words and know they are my words is on this website.

I am pursuing avenues of correcting this, both legal and by appealing to various journalistic ethics bodies. I will be publishing an open letter to The Society of Professional Journalists, as well as contacting them privately. Generally, it is taken for granted that anything can be done to me, because I am possessed of a metaphysical evil, but I think there is a chance that this behavior of the Huffington Post is so egregious that the risk that someone could read this article you are reading, or that this could be reported on by another outlet, is serious enough for some journalism ethics watchdog to take action.

The media has a very extreme credibility problem, and if it becomes known that they are simply printing false quotes from people, and when they are asked to stop doing this, they simply say that they “stand by their reporting,” that really escalates things.

Please share this article with as many people as possible. If you are a journalist interested in covering this situation, please feel free to contact me at