Bloated Obama Jew Jason Furman Rambles Nonsensically About Obamacare

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

March 10, 2014

Jason Furman: A face you can trust with your future.   With your children's future.
Jason Furman: A face you can trust with your future. With your children’s future.

Witness here as you have a bloated Jew, Jason Furman, attempt to explain away with gibberish the fact that Obamacare is going to cause many workers to lose half of their hours.  Apparently, many workers were voluntarily working 60 hours instead of 30 hours a week simply so that they could get birth control pills and mental health coverage.

As a young and healthy male, I have never once needed healthcare.  Actually one time I got robbed in a parking lot by a black guy and he cut my skull with a knife.  Someone else called 911, because I was bleeding, and for getting 4 staples in my head, this emergency room tried to charge me $2600.  I still have not paid that. This was in like 2007, and they still send me bills.

So, it would have made more sense to use these Obama billions to send blacks back to Africa, and then written off any healthcare bills that had resulted from being attacked by them.  If the blacks had already been sent back to Africa before I was born, I would never have had an unpaid healthcare bill.

We could also have followed my plan to put the obese and drug-addicted in concentration camps, which would create jobs and increase the economy, while reducing healthcare costs.