BLM Terrorists Burned American Flag Before the White House on Independence Day

So, what does burning the American flag have to do with black people?

Is this not their country, too?

I thought it was, what when they were shooting guns in the air for the Fourth of July.

But that was obviously the wrong assumption. Yet, at the same time, they do not seem very keen on going back to African countries, many of which are safer and nicer than the ghettos and welcoming them back freely.

So, what could this mean?


A group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington DC marked July 4 by trampling on the American flag before setting it on fire, arguing that the US state symbol represents “slavery, genocide and war.”

Footage showing protesters mocking the US flag began making the rounds online on Saturday evening.

One of the videos, filmed at a square outside the White House that was officially named ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’ in the wake of the protests, shows a young black woman dancing on the American flag, as another female protester with a megaphone in her hand can be heard shouting: “F**k the Fourth of July. F**k the American flag. That’s what we are saying.” 

Protesters rejoice when the banner finally catches fire, and then begin chanting as guided by one of the group’s leaders: “We knew what this flag represents: One, two, three, four, slavery, genocide and war, five, six, seven, eight, America was never great.”

This means that they want your country.

These people want to loot this country, rape the women, burn everything down, and then squat in the burned out husks, smoking crack and making gangster rap.

It’s not a very well thought-out plan.

Most of them just go along with this because they will pick their own race in something framed as racial conflict. The reasons for this go back many thousands of years into our evolutionary history, and should have been thought about before we tried to live together.

Some black people, of course, know that this is a hoax.

These are a minority. They cannot reach the black masses because of the media, the same way that we here cannot reach the white masses.

Someone needs to make an NGO to send well-dressed black Christians to the ghettos, to do community service events in which they inform the ghetto blacks about how there’s no crack mommas and gang wars in Ghana, and hook them up with passports and plane tickets.

This would be better for everyone, and would be much better than the current situation, where we just have these Jewish Terrorist NGOs sending in people to organize the black mob and their whore allies to attack America and everything that represents it.