BLM Supporter Shot to Death in Austin Alleged to be “Armed Protester” Retard

It seems that one of these 3%er retards finally got what he was asking for.

Please read my article on this phenomenon of people from Facebook bringing guns to protests: These “Armed Protesters” Showing Up at Anti-Lockdown Rallies are Making a Mockery of the Concerns of the People

I hate these people so, so much and I do so hope that this will be the end of this bullshit.

ABC 7:

A Facebook Live broadcast of a protest march through downtown Austin late Saturday night captured the sound of multiple gunshots going off and people running in a panic.

One man died in the gunfire when he approached a vehicle, according to Austin police. “Good Morning America” identified the victim as Garrett Foster.

The video, taken by journalist Hiram Gilberto, shows the march entering an intersection before some sort of commotion takes place in the middle of the crowd. Then, at least five shots are heard in quick succession.

A witness told the Austin American-Statesman that a driver honked and sped toward protesters before opening fire. Foster was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Foster was carrying a rifle, according to one witness. He approached the vehicle and was shot by the driver. The driver then drove away, witnesses said.

“GMA” spoke to Garrett’s mother, Sheila Foster, who has a different account of what happened.


She said he had attended many peaceful protests with his fiancee Whitney Mitchell, a quadruple amputee. Sheila Foster said her son was pushing Mitchell’s wheelchair moments before the shooting.

“And this gentleman got out of his car and started firing shots, and my son was shot three times,” she said.

Sorry lady, but if your son wasn’t a faggot, he would still be alive. If you run up on people carrying a friggin AK, people are going to shoot you and you deserve to be shot for doing that.

Here is an interview with the alleged dumb faggot who is now dead. They asked him why he was carrying a rifle at a protest.

Notice that he had zero explanation as to why he brought a gun to a protest. He struggled.

The reason, of course, is that it made him feel like a big man to walk around with a rifle. But of course he can’t say, “I have no power in my personal life and I have low self-esteem so it makes me feel strong to walk around with a rifle in a crowd of people and have them all looking at me like I’m dangerous.”

That’s why these people go to seemingly conflicting protests, supporting right-wing movements and supporting Black Lives Matter – they are only ever looking for any excuse to appear in public with a gun.

This guy literally had a negress gf, which okay, that’s bad enough. Totally humiliating and emasculating.

But then wait until you find out what kind of negress.

Yep.  A wheelchair negress.

That is the kind of guy who needs to make himself feel big and bad by bringing a rifle to a protest.

I hope his negress sings a Whitney Houston song for him at his funeral and someone posts it on the internet.

I hate black people as much as anyone, but I do love me some Whitney. I’m just gonna be honest with you here.

I’m so glad this guy died at a Black Lives Matter protest instead of a right-wing protest. I’m sick of these faggots invading our protests with their dangerous personal insecurities.

There are several of these groups that do this. There are 3%ers, Oathkeepers and probably more. Some people just go on their own, following the example of these groups. But it is all organized on Facebook. I tend to think it is probably feds that are encouraging it. Because it simply does not make any sense why you would bring a rifle to a protest.

No sense. At all. And they cannot even explain it themselves. I have seen other streams where people go up to these people and ask them what they’re doing, and they will come up with more complicated answers than this guy, who basically admitted he didn’t know.

Some of them will say, “we’re just making sure everything is safe.”

So, what?

If it becomes unsafe, you’re going to open fire with a military rifle at a crowded protest?

What does it mean?

As I wrote in my article about these people, linked above, they hurt right-wing protests by making us look like freaks, by scaring away normal people, and by providing a point of attack for the media. They did this to the anti-lockdown protests. Now that one of these retards is finally dead for engaging in this bizarre action, hopefully they will stop doing it. I do hope they stop doing it. We’ve got a lot of protests coming up in the future, I’m quite sure, and these gun people are a cancer on any protest movement.

Hopefully at the very least, this will give organizers of protests a reason to start kicking these people out.