BLM Queen Calls Out Black Woman for Jeopardizing Her Melanin by Riding Too Much White Penis

Imagine that white men are so degraded by white women that they’re marrying black women.

We need to hire these BLM bitches to beat white women until they get in line.


A video of Black Lives Matter campaigner Monica Cannon-Grant, who’s been honored by Democrats in Boston shows her unleashing a racist rant against a black Republican politician, telling her to shut up as she “rides white penises.”

Cannon-Grant’s work on the BLM cause has seen her honored by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy, and even former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She’s been lauded as a “hero among us” by the Boston Celtics. She writes for the Boston Globe, and is currently working to re-elect Rep. Ayanna Pressley and District Attorney Rachael Rollins, both progressive Democrats.

A recent outburst of hers, however, would be unprintable on the Globe’s pages.

In a video that surfaced late Friday, Cannon-Grant accused Pressley’s opponent – Republican Rayla Campbell – of selling out her race by marrying a white man.

“If white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin, then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom,” she ranted. “You don’t get to talk right now.”

“Regardless of many educated gang symbols you have at the end of your name, regardless of how close in proximity you are to white supremacy, regardless of how many white penises you ride,” she said to Campbell, “just don’t forget, that you’s a ni**a.”

“Keep your mouth shut on black s**t if you ain’t ready to be black…I need you to shut the f**k up,” said the activist, who’s been described by the Globe as a “force to be reckoned with in Boston.”

People should most definitely not forget who they are, especially if they is a nigga. It is also completely inappropriate for people to pretend to represent some group interest if they have married out of that group.

It is a great thing that this woman decided to use her Black Privilege to speak out on these issues.

Unfortunately, many black women have yet come to terms with the fact that they have privilege. Even when faced with objective information and facts, they refuse to acknowledge the objective disparities in how white voices and black voices are treated by our racist system.

You cannot say anything she said if you are white, or they destroy you.

Because of this systematic discrimination against our voices, we need black allies to use their black privilege and speak out for us. Please, black sisters – shield us with your privilege.

Go and beat white women. Shame them into complacency.

We sure as hell can’t do it ourselves.

If you can shame them into cooperation with society, my black sisters, we will give you whatever you want. Bananas, hair extensions, or what is it you want – you can have it.

Thank you for standing with us.