BLM Organizer Charged with Islamic-Style Car Attack on Trump Supporters




New York Post:

A Black Lives Matter supporter faces attempted murder charges after allegedly driving her sedan through a crowd of southern California Trump supporters on Saturday.

Tatiana Turner, 40, of Long Beach, California, plowed her car through the Yorba Linda crowd at around 3 p.m., leaving two demonstrators with non-life threatening injuries, Orange County police said.

The incident occurred after violent clashes between BLM supporters and Trump supporters spurred police to declare an unlawful assembly and order the crowds to disperse.

Counter-protesters crossed six-lane Imperial Highway and confronted the BLM protesters, who were participating in an event called “Caravan for Justice,” authorities said.

“Approximately 30 minutes after the protests began, we began to receive reports of physical altercations occurring between the two protest groups, including at least one individual who was pepper-sprayed by another protestor,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement to ABC News.

One man and one woman were injured in the collision. The woman suffered two broken legs, police told the local ABC affiliate.

Turner, who was arrested on the scene and booked to the county jail, also faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

What we need to investigate is if this woman was actually inspired by Dylann Roof. Or wait, the other one – James Fields.

If she was inspired by James Fields, instead of prosecuting her, we may instead need to prosecute him again – and put him in double-prison.

This is Actually Terrorism Now

They’re doing equivocation here, claiming that this is comparable to Trump supporters hitting BLM people with cars. It isn’t, obviously. This was a purposeful car attack. The Trump supporters who hit BLM people with cars are all in their cars, and their cars get surrounded, and they either freak out, or simply view that using their car as a weapon is the only way to survive the attack.

Offensive violence and defensive violence are two different things.