BLM Israel: Ethiopian Migrants Throw Chimpout Over Jewish Police Brutality

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

The racist White Supremacist Neo-Nazi state of Israel is oppressing its people of color.

Jerusalem Post:

Thousands gathered to protest police brutality against the Ethiopian-Israeli community, blocking the Ayalon highway during a demonstration in central Tel Aviv Wednesday.

The protest was called after Yehuda Biadga, 24, was shot and killed earlier this month after he rushed at a police officer. Biadga’s family said he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The police officer who shot him was put on leave last week, but police said that he felt a fear for his life and that the decision to shoot was unrelated to Biadga’s heritage.

Horrible. This racist pig needs to be brought to justice.

Demonstrators gathered in the Azrieli Junction marching towards Rabin Square, and some went on to the Ayalon Highway to block traffic.

Well anyways, you guys get the obvious angle to this story, I hope.

Jews getting some of their own medicine and not liking it one bit.

For those who don’t know, unlike the Black Israelis who attacked Nick Sandmann recently, these Ethiopian Jews are actual Jews, they proved it with DNA and forced the state of Israel to give them citizenship, but they’re also total niggers.

Basically, however many centuries ago, Jews went to Africa and did what the Ashkenazi Jews did with Europeans. An Ashkenazi is only 30-40% Middle Eastern, technically, so it is with these Jewgros.

Here’s where it gets interesting though.

Take a look at that header image again.

Some of these rioters are clearly brandishing the White Hand of Saruman.

Fucking prescient, man. 

The LOTR memes just write themselves.

I don’t know why, but seeing that White Hand spooked me more than it should have.

It’s just such a coincidence, that I don’t even…

Were these blacks subconsciously identifying with the Uruk-Hai from the movies???

The way I see it, there are 4 options.

  1. They saw the movies, liked the Uruks and deliberately decided to copy them
  2. They saw the movies, liked the Uruks and without even realizing it, copied their style
  3. They never saw the movies, and Tolkien somehow knew something that we didn’t
  4. They never saw the movies, but because of the powerful memetic power of the movies and the Orc-posting being done now by shitlords, we are willing literal Uruks into existence through memes.

If it’s the fourth option, perhaps we should be more careful about what we post.

For we know not what we meme…