BLM Informs Whites That They are Subhuman “Genetic Defects”

If you’re wondering why Black Lives Matter hates white people so much, it is in fact totally simple: white people are subhuman genetic defects.

So says a Facebook post by the honored leader of BLM Toronto, Yusra Khogali.

We must admit that when we understand that the blacks are fighting against literal subhuman genetic defects, their hatred becomes much more understandable.

Yusra is a true leader. That’s why she got the leadership award. Even subhuman whites with no connection to cosmic energy were able to notice her true brilliance.

If you were fighting against subhumans, you would really hate them totally also, and would be seeking to exterminate them in the way that BLM is seeking to exterminate whites.

All they have to do to take control is bring down the system of white supremacy once and for all. There are powerful enemies standing in the way of their revolution.

It will suck for you when the blacks finally come to your house at night to kill you, but you can be happy knowing that after you die, the master race – black people – will assume its role as the genetic inheritors of the earth.

When whites no longer exist to hold black people down, a brilliant black master race future will unfold into absolute gloriousness. They will use their melanin to communicate with cosmic energy, and build the true civilization of the future.

It was never IQ that was a measure of greatness.

It was the ability to communicate with cosmic energy. That is the true measure of a man.

All hail the new master race: black people.

Prepare to bask in the glory as cosmic energy once again takes precedence over human life.