BLM Activist on Potential Chauvin Acquittal: “Don’t be Surprised When Buildings are on Fire”

I wrote that I would not write about the Derek Chauvin trial for the alleged “murder” of George Floyd. Everyone else is talking about it and I wouldn’t have a lot to add, and it would really be a lot of work to go through and watch everything and then write about it.

However, I have been following it a bit. I have no idea what the verdict is going to be, but basically, the trial has been more fair than I would have expected, and there exists a very real chance that the jury is just going to say “dude died of a fentanyl overdose, Chauvin was following SOP, he didn’t do nothing wrong.”

No doubt aware that there’s a very real chance of Chauvin getting off, Black Lives Matter organizer Maya Echols has informed America that blacks plan to burn down the country if this white man is not crucified for a fake crime.

In a TikTok video, Echols said: “If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is going to break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just sayin’.”

She’s looking about as smug and entitled as it is possible for a person to look.

I’m not sure how “prominent” she actually is. That seems to be used in headlines to make the story more sensational.

But her TikTok does have nearly half a million followers, which is a pretty good count.

She has since deleted the original “burn this bitch down” video.

She is also a model, and has had work done on her nose.

More important than her personal level of prominence is the fact that this thinking does clearly represent the majority of thinking among Black Lives Matter activists.

In 2020, blacks rioted and were given huge rewards. The government under William Barr did nothing at all to punish them for the riots, while every single state government made concessions in an attempt to stem the violence. They now understand that violence works, that they can get what they want using violence.

Of course, the only reason their violence works is because the government allows it to work. The feds had a responsibility to stop these riots, but just like they wouldn’t stop election fraud, they stood back and let it happen.

It doesn’t really matter if they riot over the Chauvin trial or not. This is going to be a total summer of riots. If the Chauvin result is not the trigger, there will be some other trigger.

The government wants chaos, and getting blacks to create chaos is very easy to do.

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I’ve been telling you to move out of the city for years now.

This summer, you’re really going to wish you would have listened.