Blizzard Finally Starts Refunding Warcraft III: Reforged After Many Customers Threaten to File Criminal Complaints

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2020

I reported on the Warcraft III: Reforged situation earlier this week when a member of the team that created the horrible, broken redux of the classic game gave a statement on it. The statement accused users of being at fault for not liking the game.

At that time, they were still holding out strong against giving refunds to players unsatisfied with the broken disaster of a game. However, after many users threatened Blizzard with criminal complaints, they have finally decided to start giving refunds.

They have a page up with a streamlined process, and people are claiming that it works and simply gives you an instant refund.

Some angry players had put up a parody of the official Reforged site at, which is pretty funny.

They’ve now updated the page to reflect that you can get an instant refund.

It is absolute lunacy that Blizzard not only believed that it could produce a bullshit fake game, but that they think they can just trick users and scam them out of money when people find out it’s a fake game. And they end up with their fans, who loved them, threatening them with criminal complaints.

It’s very funny how similar this is to the Fallout 76 debacle. Bethesda also refused refunds until users began threatening in mass to file criminal complaints against them. I found the situation with Fallout 76 funnier, but that might simply be because I had no interest in playing 76, and Reforged was basically the only game I was looking forward to this year (other than Cyberpunk 2077, of course).

But I think this is objectively much sadder, because Bethesda was never really a good video game company in the way Blizzard was once a good video game company. It is shocking and really just pointless for the company to devolve like this. All anyone wanted from Reforged was just a 2002 video game with new graphics and a couple of modern features. There was literally no other expectation. Not being able to deliver that after spending three years on it is just unimaginable.

And if they really couldn’t make it happen, they would have been better off just canceling the game and refunding all pre-orders and apologizing, telling fans “we’re sorry, it was just literally impossible for us to update this game for some reason.” That would have been better for the company in the long run.

Now they have escalated the war with their own customers far beyond what it was before. And people kind of already hated them, because of the weird stuff in Overwatch. And people knew that the company resented them, because of the Diablo phone game announcement.

Whereas we now have a competition between Fallout 76 and Reforged, Diablo is going to make both look like kiddie stuff, I can promise you that. They are simply going to release a much worse version of Diablo III, and then attack players for not liking it, then refuse to give refunds until they get enough threats of criminal complaints.

Why don’t they just hire passionate people and make good games? Wouldn’t that actually be easier?

It’s the same thing with Star Trek: Picard.

Why is this show such a piece of crap?

Why did they not just hire people who liked Star Trek and make a good Star Trek show?

I hate to have to say this every time, but it’s because of the Jews.

Star Trek is now being run by entitled, lazy Jews, just as Blizzard is now being run by entitled, lazy Jews.

Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, is a cartoon character Jew.

Activision took over Blizzard in 2008. And since then, everything the company has produced has been Jewish crap.

Imagine that a beloved video game from your childhood comes out and it’s a piece of crap and you say “I’ll bet the Jews did this” and you’re right.

If you sit back and look at the whole of the problem, it is truly amazing the way that these Jews have managed to invade and corrupt every single aspect of all of our lives. It is literally impossible to point to any single part of the Western world that has not been damaged by them.