Blaming Whitey for Reconquering His Own Land

Diversity Macht Frei
November 8, 2017

A key part of the Blue Whale Game the Jews are playing against us involves sapping our confidence about own moral worth. One chapter of the Blame Whitey Hate manual is devoted to contrasting the “enlightenment” of Muslim-ruled Spain with the purported barbarity of their Christian conquerors. This meme was being pushed by Jews as far back as the 19th century. You can see it already in the works of Disraeli (link).

A sub-section of this chapter of the hate manual laments the supposed uncouthness of the Christian conquerors who built a “garish” cathedral inside the “magnificent” Cordoba mezquita (mosque).

We had a typical example of that this morning from Ed West, normally one of the more sensible and sceptical commentators on immigration and Islam within the mainstream media landscape.

He then quotes this text, variants of which appear in just about every Cordoba guidebook.


Below are some images of this “horrible architectural pustule”. These are photos I took myself while attending Mass there.


As you can see, it is not at all a horrible architectural pustule and, in context, it does not seem jarring with the non-Christian part of the complex. The harsh truth is that most of the mosque is not very attractive. Here’s another photo I took in the non-cathedral part of the building.


This is what about 95% of the Mezquita looks like: lines of not particularly attractive pillars and arches. There are a few highly ornamented sections of great aesthetic merit, one of which Ed West showed in his tweet. But most of it is not like this.

And from the outside, the mosque is not appealing at all. Except for some decorative doorways, it cannot match the radiant beauty of even an average Christian cathedral.


The same contrast between an unremarkable exterior and a fine interior can be seen in the Alhambra palace in Granada. In fact, when I saw this, it seemed to me somehow emblematic of a contrast between the European and Oriental mind.

Ed West also quotes the emir saying “It embodied what came before”. What this means is that the Christian basilica that formerly existed there was demolished and its constituent elements used for construction of the mosque. This also broke the capitulation agreement the Muslims made when they first conquered the city, under which they agreed to respect the continuation of Christian worship. They stuck to the terms for a few decades then, once their position was secure enough, altered them unilaterally. Let that be a lesson for us.