Blacks with Guns Do Armed March Through Georgia Park, Prepared for the Slaughter

When whites do this, it’s scary and threatening. But when blacks do it, it’s quaint and peaceful.

That’s because blacks just aren’t scary like whites. Whites have this long and scary history of violence that the blacks simply lack.


Scores of armed black protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, calling for the removal of an infamous Confederate monument and warning “redneck” militias that “we’re in your house.”

Footage from the march, which brought out 100 to 200 demonstrators, showed heavily-armed black protesters marching through the park on Independence Day, leading some on social media to react with worry at what appeared to be a volatile situation as protests across the country have descended into violence.

“Threat. Counter threat. Because threats don’t mean s**t to us. Ya’ll been threatening us since Birmingham,” one man said through a loudspeaker at the event, going on to specifically target right-wing groups such as the Boogaloo Boys and Three Percenters, organizations that have been accused of being extremist militias.

“I don’t see no white militia, so to the Boogie Boys, the Three Percenters and all the rest of you scared-ass rednecks: we’re here… We’re in your house. Let’s go. NFAC…,” the man continued as others gathered in a military-style marching formation behind him.

The “NFAC” appears to refer to the name of the group behind the gathering, which is the ‘Not F**king Around Coalition.’

This situation perfectly shows why it is that we need a two-tiered justice system that treats whites differently than everyone else.

We know that blacks are responsible people, who would never hurt anyone, while whites are violent maniacs who will slaughter brown people and even each other every chance they get, which means –

Eyyy, Hold Up

I can’t even do the satire bit here.

I keep telling you that blacks are getting ready to slaughter you as soon as the Democrats take over and pull out the cops.

Well, it’s not just going to be black gangs doing the slaughtering. They are organizing militias, which have more discipline than any group of blacks I’ve ever seen. They’re also going to be slaughtering us.

We need to get Donald Trump reelected and if that doesn’t happen then we need to figure out something else very quickly.

This isn’t a game.

You can listen to the media about how these blacks on the march with guns are just trying to defend themselves from the cops, then you can ask yourself if that makes any sense to you.

These blacks are organizing the slaughter of white people.

And when the Republicans are gone, they are going to be allowed to do that with impunity.