Blacks: Twerking While Handcuffed, Turning Into a Bloody Mess, Letting Rats Crawl on Them

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Black people.

Daily Mail:

An Ohio woman didn’t let an arrest get in the way of showing off her dance moves.

Asia Hughes, 27, was caught on camera twerking even after a police officer began putting handcuffs on her.

It was her first of two arrests that would occur in the span of three days.

Hughes was taken into custody on Monday after she allegedly began twerking in the middle of a road in Toledo, forcing several cars to stop or swerve so that they wouldn’t hit her.

Authorities said Hughes, who only wearing a long-sleeved shirt and panties, then began dancing on a utility pole in a provocative manner.

They clearly have no decency, no sense of decency, and no respect for other people’s sense of decency.

It seems to be related to the skin tone.

For some reason, the browner and darker their skin, the more senseless violence you can expect from them.

Daily Mail:

Five years after a surveillance camera inside a Houston jail captured a police officer smashing an inmate’s face against a door frame, causing him to bleed all over the floor, a federal judge has ruled that a civil rights lawsuit against the cop can proceed to trial.

The incident took place on December 8, 2014, at Houston Central Jail on Riesner Road and involved Reuben Williams Jr, who was picked up by police on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

According to the federal lawsuit filed in 2016, Houston police officer Salvador ‘Sal’ Corral violated Williams’ constitutional rights when he slammed him face first into the metal door jam while leading him into a jail cell.

Also, the browner and darker their skin, the weirder they act.

Or maybe it’s that the browner and darker the skin, the more their weirdness stands out?

Daily Mail:

Living in New York never gets old.

That’s especially true for New Yorkers who witnessed a rat crawling into a woman’s blouse during their commute this week.

In a recent video shared on social media, two women are seen sitting on a Brooklyn Q train that’s approaching the Seventh Avenue station on Flatbush Avenue.

While one woman was looking at her phone, the rat is seen crawling from her shoulder and disappearing in her blouse.

Hey, wanna see some niggers getting hit by a car?

Safe for work. No one was killed.

That’s civilization. Modern civilization.

Daily Mail:

A 22-year-old woman has been arrested after a viral clip showed her mowing down two women with her car outside a San Antonio, Texas, nightclub.

Miranda Jane Guerrero is facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the incident which took place outside ‘The Well’ on May 2 – according to jail records.

Sibbieo Jardan, 27, and India Spears, 24, told officers attending the scene they had both been hit by the car.

Video posted online shortly after the incident showed the car plowing into the two women as they stood around outside the nightclub.

One of the women can be seen trying to smash the window of the vehicle before being launched across the parking lot by the force of it reversing.

The two women told officers the incident was sparked by an argument between them and Guerrero at the nightclub’s bar.

The worst of all of this is how niggers keep ruining white people’s selfies though.

That’s the real issue.

Daily Mail:

A family got the holiday snap of a lifetime when a monkey grabbed their camera and took a selfie – before giving them the middle finger.

The family from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia were on a dream holiday in Bali, Indonesia when they decided to make a day trip to the popular Ubud Monkey Forest.

Even the little ones have that “fuck you why beebol” attitude.

Although these little ones have a more intelligent look in their eyes than the bigger and darker ones.