Blacks Takeover Serial Killing Like They Took Over Every Other Sport: Black Guy Most Prolific Ever Killer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

At one point, football players were white.

And basketball players.

That was over by the time I was a kid.

But I grew up thinking golfers, hockey players and serial killers were white.

Then they gave us Tiger Woods.

Then I saw the cover of the NHL game.

And now.



An imprisoned murderer is being investigated after confessing to 90 killings across four decades in the US.

The FBI believe Samuel Little, who is 78, may be among the most prolific serial killers in US criminal history.

State and federal agencies are now working to match his confessions with the deaths of dozens of women across the country from 1970 to 2005.

Investigators say they have already linked him to 34 murders and are working to corroborate many others.

Little is currently serving life in prison after being sentenced in 2014 for the murders of three women.

He has been in custody since September 2012 when he was arrested at a Kentucky homeless shelter and transferred to California where he was wanted on a drugs charge.

DNA samples taken from Little were then linked to the unsolved deaths of three women in Los Angeles county in 1987 and 1989.

All three of those victims had been beaten and strangled before their bodies were dumped separately.

He pleaded not guilty at trial, but was eventually sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole.

Before that he already had an extensive criminal record, with offences including rape and armed robbery.

The murder convictions led to Little being referred to the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) – a scheme that works to analyse serial offenders of violent and sexual crimes, and share information with local law enforcement agencies to cross-reference unsolved crimes.

They say Little agreed to talk to them because he was hoping to move prisons.

The FBI say that Little has confessed to 90 killings in total – stretching states across the breadth of the US, from California to Maryland.

The ViCap team said in a news release earlier this week they had so far established his ties to 34 deaths, with many others apparently pending confirmation.

Here’s a developing map.

I’d say this is pretty well game over.

Serial killing is now officially a black-dominated sport.

This black guy traveled the entire country killing bitches for 4 decades, meaning we have to retcon serial killing back to the 70s as being dominated by a black guy.


At least we still have CSGO.

Pretty sure the blacks can’t ever take that from us.