Blacks Rob an Apple Store and Black Security Guard Does Nothing

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

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Well, that’s not true. I can call Apple’s policy makers faggots and add that to the list.


Another robbery at a North Bay Apple store is prompting questions about what security guards are doing. Investigators believe Apple’s security policy might be the reason why these thieves keep coming back.

The Central Marin Police Authority released three photos of the thieves grabbing and running off with electronics from a Corte Madera Apple store on Wednesday.

The thieves run directly in front of a security guard who simply stands by the door and watches them run away. Some commenters on social media suggested the guard should at least stick a foot out to trip the suspects.

But that same guard told this reporter the company policy prohibits them from confronting thieves. They serve only as visual deterrent and their job is to call 911.