Blacks on a Thieving Spree Throw 87-Year-Old White Nun to the Ground

October 30, 2015

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The Black thugs ran out of the store loaded up with clothes and just shoved the nun to the floor.

Police are looking for help finding a man and a woman who they believe stole clothes from three different stores in and around South County Mall over the span of eight days.

St. Louis County police say the thefts occurred on Oct. 15 at the Hibbett Sports in the South County Shopping Center, Oct. 21 at the Dick’s Sporting Goods outside of the shopping center and on Oct. 23 at the Pink store inside the shopping center.

According to police, the suspects made off with $2,315 worth of Dryfit Nike clothes from Hibbett Sports, $2,970 worth of North Face jackets from Dick’s Sporting Goods and more than $3,000 worth of merchandise from the Pink store.

The Negro thieves made off with over $8,000 worth of merchandise in all.

While running out of the Dick’s Sporting Goods store, the thieves knocked an 87-year-old nun to the ground, which you can see in the security footage below. The nun suffered minor injuries.

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