Blacks on a Plane! You Need to Understand, You Don’t Run America No More, Sweetheart!

Probably, we need to seriously consider what is going on in the minds of these blacks, and what the outcome of that is going to be. (Hint: they’re going to start slaughtering us wholesale.)

A recent segment of “news on a plane,” a video upload on September 11, the most famous news on a plane day of all, features a black female going totally berserk, ranting about the theory of white privilege as she blocks a white stewardess from crossing the aisle.

We don’t know where this is from, but it doesn’t really matter.

The clip starts with the irate black bitch blocking the aisle, accusing the stewardess of “getting aggressive.”

A white female passenger then interjects something or other, and the irate black bitch gets in her face, saying, “Are you my boss? You are white privilege, you’re not my boss. Sit down.” (The woman is already sitting down when ordered to do so by her black master, which perhaps creates questions about whether when we are ruled by blacks totally, they will constantly be ordering us to do things we’re already doing.)

As you continue viewing the clip, and realize the black bitch is lecturing the white women about her bathroom privileges, you notice that she has a clean path to the bathroom. She is just standing there to inform the whites of who is in charge on that plane.

“I need to get to my door,” the flight attendant states.

“You have white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with, it’s 2020, wake up,” the black bitch explains.

“I’m a queen, California, she was from a black queen,” the bitch says, before telling the woman about her white privilege and that she needs to shut up.

“You need to understand, you don’t run America no more sweetheart,” she tells the seated white woman. She goes on to explain that she once “slapped the shit” out of a “white bitch,” which appears to be a believable claim.

The irate black woman was not removed from the plane, presumably because she is a queen.

However, it is distressing.