Blacks Loot Los Angeles as Lootfest Engulfs the Nation!

CNN wonders why niggas be do like that.

As the media, including CNN, continues to ask “why are blacks stealing things?”, I’m reminded of an old saying: “Niggas wanna try, niggas wanna lie, then niggas wonder why niggas wanna die.”


At least 18 people broke into a high-end department store in Los Angeles and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise Monday night, the city’s police chief said, in one of the country’s latest store burglaries involving sizable groups of thieves.

The group used a sledgehammer and an electric bicycle to smash a window, allowing them to enter the closed Nordstrom department store at The Grove retail complex in Los Angeles around 10:40 p.m. PT, city police said.

The group, consisting of 18 to 20 people, stole at least $5,000 in merchandise and caused $15,000 in damage, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday at a city police commission meeting.

One thing is for certain: this has nothing to do with defunding the police and letting all of those blacks out of prison and jail.

CNN has determined that people commit crimes because it is profitable to do so. They’ve also somehow managed to not mention the fact that all of these people are black.

When watching videos of blacks acting like savage animals and completely destroying civilization, it is important to always remember that black people are eternally victims, and that they only do any of this stuff because of slavery.

And slavery is your fault, personally, because you’re white.

You should apologize to these looters.