Blacks Kill White Cop (They’re Just Defending Themselves from Systematic Microaggressions and So On)

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

Another racist White Supremacist cop shot a black teen.

Wait, I got that backwards. Whatever, if these innocent blacks didn’t defend themselves the cop would have brutally curb-stomped them like in American Movie X.


Lieutenant Weatherford was a 15 year veteran with the Newport Police Department. He was shot and killed while responding to a call last month.

Both 16-year-old Derrick Heard and 18-year-old Tyler Calamese appeared in court Friday afternoon for a bond hearing. Heard is being charged as an adult with capital murder while Calamese is accused of giving Heard the handgun that took Lt. Weatherford’s life.

“Just happy I didn’t get charged with it,” said Calamese as he walked into the court room.


Look! He has a small black child with him! He must be a good boy deep down, my feminine emotions are telling me so.

Tyler Calamese is relieved he’s not facing a capitol murder charge. More eyes now turn to 16-year-old Derrick Heard, who is now charged with firing the fatal shot that killed Lieutenant Weatherford. He’s also charged with attempted capital murder and other charges including possession of a handgun.

No bond was set for Heard, but a $5,000 bond was set for Calamese. That’s much lower than the prosecutors’ $50,000 bond request. The judge said because he turned himself in the day of the murder and has been in jail for nearly two months, she chose the lower bond.

My son has sit there for 50 days almost while the killer walk free, that’s not cool,” said Calamese’s mother, Shanika Reynolds. “They didn’t do this investigation from the beginning right and if Patrick was here today, he’d be on our side.”

Not cool.

Not cool at all.

Also, sister: “has sat,” or even better, if we want to go full-on: “has been sitting.”

We don’t want these crackers to be thinking we is be stupid.

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