Blacks Harass White Seattle Neighborhood Residents, Demand They Surrender Their Homes as “Reparations”

It seems fair that after slavery and microaggressions and so on, whites should have to give their houses to blacks.

It’s really the least whites can do, in this historical moment of black lives mattering.

It’s great to see that the blacks are now taking it to the suburbs, and marching directly through white neighborhoods.

Information Liberation:

Black Lives Matter protesters on Wednesday night marched through residential neighborhoods in Seattle and screamed at white “gentrifiers” to demand they hand over their property to black people.

“Is your name Tucker or John, whichever one it is, give up your house!” a militant BLM protester shouted through a megaphone at a white person in their own home. “Give black people back their homes!”

“You’re sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f*** as if you didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood,” the protester screamed, “my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends!”

“All ya’ll white motherfuckers get the fuck out … it’s called reparations baby … we coming for you!” another protester said.

The group was screaming throughout the night to wake “gentrifiers” up and keep them from sleeping (Concrete Reporting has the full stream).

“We don’t owe the city, the city owes us!” another protester demanding reparations said. “We want it all! We want everything we supposed to have, period — and then some, too, cause everything we supposed to have ain’t enough!”

Hours earlier, the protesters were heard chanting: “Who do we protect? Black criminals!”

This is apparently BLM’s new chant.

The honesty is refreshing!

Earlier this week, Black Lives Matter protesters in Chicago defended the mass looting that took place on Sunday (in response to a 20-year-old thug being injured in an alleged shootout with police) by saying, “That is reparations!”

That all seems totally reasonable.

I mean, people think that once the police are pulled, blacks will start marching into white neighborhoods like this and killing, but the thing is: maybe these whites deserve to be killed?

Ever think of that?

Maybe the only way we can solve microaggressions is for blacks to march into the suburbs and just start slaughtering white people.