Blacks Don’t Commit Murders “Because Poverty”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2015

A popular lie told by the Jews and their liberal sycophants is that Blacks only commit high rates of murder and other crimes because they are poor. However, according to data from Economic Policy Review (September 1999), in an article by Steven Levitt, Blacks commit exponentially more murders than Whites, regardless of their income level.


Black people are violent because of their variant evolutionary development has led to variant biology. This is a simple and obvious fact, which it has taken decades of brainwashing and stupid lies to cover-up.

It is a clear fact that the environment of Africa put different stresses on populations than the environment of Northern Europe. In Africa, it was necessary to be extremely aggressive in order to survive. What was not necessary was a high IQ or the ability for forward planning.

If we simply admit that race exists, everything about our present racial discord makes clear sense.