Blacks Destroy George Washington Statue, Cover It in a Burning American Flag

Black Lives Matter terrorists have toppled a statue of George Washington in Portland.

The next wave is going to be a demand that the Founding Fathers be removed from everything and that our leaders publicly denounce them and the entire country itself as a creation of pure evil.

We knew it was going to come to this.

It came to this very quickly.

It is truly mind-numbing that the President of the United States remains nowhere to be found, refusing to address any of this and instead whining about John Bolton’s book.

The entire GOP is ignoring this.

Mitt Romney is out marching with the race terrorists.

Trump has single-digit approval from the blacks, but his Jew son-in-law Jared Kushner has convinced him he’s going to win big with the black vote by letting them riot and destroy everything.

Well, Mr. President, these apes just tore down a statue of the founder of our country.

You let this happen, Mr. President.

You stood there and callously did nothing while these people took everything we are from us.

History will remember you for this, Donald Trump.

They will forget all of the rest of it. You will go down in history as the man who sat by and did nothing, let our country be destroyed by wild animals.