Blacks Demand Free College for All Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2015


What is the Black Liberation Collective?

The Black Liberation Collective is a collective consisting of Black students who are dedicated to transforming institutions of higher education through unity, coalition building, direct action and political education.

I see.

And what are your beliefs about queer liberation?

As an organization, we stand for the acknowledgement of the black LGBTQ community, that is, Black people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and any identity outside of heteronormativity. We acknowledge this community both in its value and its diversity. We strive to magnify voices of the community, in a society whose mainstream LGBTQ movement consistently omits the narratives of Blacks in the community.

How about trans liberation?

As an organization, we stand against the dehumanization and dismissal of Black transgender lives. Within the Black community, transphobia, cisexism, and the gender binary have been used as a means of invalidating and erasing our trans+ family members. As a collective, we recognize Black trans+ lives as authentic Black lives, regardless of gender identity. Trans+ and queer people of color have been at the forefront of many movements for civil rights, yet still struggle to be seen as equals in the Black community.


Definitely a different sort of Black folk than I’ve ever met. Almost like a Jew wrote that…

Finally: what are your demands?

1) WE DEMAND at the minimum, Black students and Black faculty to be reflected by the national percentage of Black folk in the country

2) WE DEMAND free tuition for Black and indigenous students

3) WE DEMAND a divestment from prisons and an investment in communities

I thought it was already free for Blacks, but if it wasn’t before, it will be now.

Because we exist to serve you, ye kings and queens of Egypt. We have no other purpose.