Blacks Caught on Film Brutally Beating White Victim in Front of Liquor Store Later Set on Fire

Baltimore CBS Local
October 23, 2015

The beating was all caught on camera but the Black suspects have yet to be apprehended.

As the city ushers in a new top cop, Baltimore continues to deal with challenges, including the aftermath of the riots.

Tracey Leong with desperate calls to track down suspects behind a brutal beating caught on tape.

The ATF is offering a reward to help track down those suspects, who both were caught on city surveillance cameras attacking the victim.

Police are hoping someone will sell the guilty Blacks to them for some reward money.

Knocked to the ground with a single punch, and then moments later, kicked in the face and left bleeding in the street. The victim was brutally attacked during April’s unrest in front of a liquor store that was later set on fire.

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