Blacks Attack Jewish Teens in Brooklyn – Facebook Posts Responsible?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

Another attack on the Jews.

The reason?

No reason at all – pure, senseless hatred, which developed for literally no reason.

New York Post:

A gang of five men assaulted two Jewish teens walking down the street in Brooklyn, knocking a yarmulke off one of their heads, police said Wednesday.

The group approached a 14-year-old boy dressed in traditional Orthodox garb on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue in Crown Heights on Nov. 11, smacking him with a blow to the head, officials said.

The assailants then turned on a second boy, 15, and grabbed the hat off his head.

The group fled, tossing the hat to the ground as they ran, police said. No injuries were reported.

I wonder why these niggers hate the Jews?

Hmm, let me think and let me wonder.

Hmm, hemm, hummm.

Why would niggers hate the Jews…? 

It’s a rhetorical question, dummy!

They hate them because of posts they saw on Facebook!

It’s time to shut the internet down for good, in order to protect Jews from niggers!

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