Blacks Arrested and Charged for Hilarious Internet Prank Stabbing Hoax

The brilliant mastermind of this hilarious prank

Now just wait a cotton-picking minute here.

You can’t charge black people with a crime!

ABC News:

Two brothers have been arrested after creating an elaborate hoax over a fake stabbing so that the prank could be shared on social media, according to authorities.

The incident occurred on Jan. 24 at approximately 5:46 p.m. when the Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center received a call reporting a stabbing at a residential home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“The caller stated that two brothers had been fighting in the house and it appeared that one of them had stabbed the other in the neck with a knife,” the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) in a press release published on Feb. 10 detailing the ordeal.

Responding authorities entered the home and observed a 21-year-old male, later identified as Denidson Jean, lying on the floor holding a t-shirt to his neck to stop the apparent heavy bleeding and covered in what appeared to be a large amount of blood.

The responding officer observed a 19-year-old male, later identified as Pierre Jean, standing over the victim along with a kitchen knife covered with blood on the counter next to the kitchen sink. The officer asked who stabbed Denidson and Pierre replied by saying “I didn’t mean to,” according to MCPD.

“Four other residents were in the home and were in emotional distress with what had occurred. The residents were yelling and crying which contributed to the chaotic scene,” MCPD said in their statement released to the media.

The officer immediately began to administer first aid and informed dispatch that he would need an advanced life support response and that fire and rescue personnel were needed to help the victim.

Authorities say that the officer had been in the home and rendering aid for approximately two minutes when Denidson sat up, started laughing and told the officer that this had all been a prank for social media.

“The investigation by the Department has determined that the two brothers planned this hoax to be recorded and posted to social media,” said the MCPD. “Prop blood was located in the home, as well as a digital camera which had been placed in the kitchen light. Pierre and Denidson created the bloody scene, pretended to be involved in a physical altercation with each other, and then Pierre, with blood on his clothing and holding the knife, left the kitchen. He returned to the kitchen with residents of the home and directed the residents to call 911/ the police a total of five times.”

There is no indication that the other residents knew the situation was fake or that they were in on the hoax.

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones released a statement expressing his anger at the situation.

They have both been charged with knowingly causing a false call for an ambulance and making a false statement to an officer with the intent to deceive and cause an investigation.

How were they supposed to know this was illegal?

White people won’t put any money into the black schooling system, so they had no way to know that faking a stabbing and calling the police was against the law.

Kamala Harris needs to immediately issue a statement on this matter.