Blacks Almost Run Over White Former Marine’s Daughter with Bikes

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

This is disgusting.

Where does the White man get the right to record nogs throwing rocks at him after almost running over his daughter then posting the video online?

So evil.


Darius Gilkes, 19, offered an apology to the former Marine whom he and a band of other boys on bikes surrounded, taunted, and pelted with rocks Wednesday.

“I want everyone to know that, yeah, I stepped out of line, said things I shouldn’t have said to the guy and I want everyone to know I’m really, truly sorry and I did not mean for all this to happen,” said Gilkes.

Gilkes’ mother Marcia Gilkes said she was sorry, too.

“Oh, what Darius did was totally wrong and he knows it,” said Marcia Gilkes.

Darius, who lives in Loxahatchee, said he had never ridden bikes with the younger teens before, but got invited by a friend.

He admitted the group became unruly and hostile when Matt Nelson approached them and started taking video.

“I’m not gonna lie, they were throwing rocks and things at him,” said Gilkes.

Gilkes said the kids – the youngest eleven – were mad because when one of them had swerved onto the sidewalk earlier, almost hitting Nelson’s daughter, Nelson blocked the bike and the boy went flying into the bushes.

So when Nelson passed them again an hour later and started taking video so he could identify them to police, the kids threatened them.

The video shows Gilkes on his bike, saying “Hit me, I’m not a minor, hit me, (expletive.)”