“Blackface” Justin Trudeau Tries to Bow Down to Worship Blacks, Is Called Out as a Racist

So the racist leader Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada and a schlub who likes to paint his face black to mock the suffering of the blacks, tried to stage a photo-op doing a “kneel down and worship black people” ritual.

It didn’t turn out so well for him, because someone remembered that he’s a racist against the blacks.

At the Ottawa photo-op on Friday, hecklers could be heard yelling “go home, blackface!”, a reference to the fact he likes to paint his face black to harm the emotions of black people.

We don’t need racists to be involved in our ritual worship of blacks.

We need allies to kneel down and worship black people.

Allies like the FBI.

Or like the CEO of JP Morgan.

When I kneel down before the blacks, and worship them, and beg them to forgive me for enslaving them and doing lynchings, I do so with a clean conscience, as do the other Allies in my group of black-worshipers.

Justin Trudeau has worshiped too long on the altar of white privilege to ever be worthy of worshiping black people as gods with the rest of us.

We have to worship blacks with the innocence of children.

Only the pure of heart and spirit may seek the divine graces and forgiveness of the blacks.

No blackface will ever enter the kingdom of blackness.