Black Woman Outraged Over Rural Cemetery in Louisiana Having Ancient “Whites Only” Policy

The media, which is run by reddit, claims that the entire world is controlled by “systemic racism.”

If you ask, “yeah but what is systemic racism though? Can you give me a concrete example?”, they will point to a cemetery in rural Louisiana with a charter that was probably written 150 years ago.


An Allen Parish Sheriff’s Deputy died Sunday and when his wife went to meet with a cemetery, she was shocked to hear her husband couldn’t be buried there. As it turns out, Oaklin Springs Cemetery in Oberlin only allows certain races to be buried there.

Deputy Darrell Semien was diagnosed with cancer in December. In the last month and 9 days of his life, Semien talked with his family about burial plans, telling them he wanted to be laid to rest at Oaklin Springs Cemetery because it was close to home.

“It was in their by-laws that the cemetery was ‘white’s only,’” says widow Karla Semien. “I just kinda looked at her and she said ‘there’s no coloreds allowed.’”

“Just blatantly, with no remorse, I can’t sell you a plot for your husband,” says Semien’s daughter, Kimberly Curly.

The President of the Oaklin Springs Cemetery Association, Creig Vizena, outlined the clause in their by-laws, which says “the right of burial of the remains of white human beings…” It’s a cemetery contract which he says dates back to the 50′s.

“It never came up,” says Vizena. “I take full responsibility for that. I’ve been the President of this board for several years now. I take full responsibility for not reading the by-laws.”

The Semien family says the anger they felt from racial remarks combined with the grief of losing a loved one is too much to process.

Needless to say (I hope), if someone ever has the nerve to ask me about proof of my claims regarding unreasonable consolidation of power among Jews, I will give better examples than this.

Here’s another thing.

If you called a cemetery and they said they only bury blacks, would you:

  1. Freak out and call the cops and the media, or
  2. Say “hey, I totally understand, I love to see blacks doing things for other blacks and taking care of the community”


A key question is going to always be: “why would blacks care about this?”

I mean, when it comes to money and so on, I can understand. But when it’s “I have an innate right to get involved in white people’s business,” it’s not logical, and I don’t really accept that it is a natural black inclination.