Black Woman Asked by Hotel Not to be Noisy, So She Sued for $300K

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2020

This is a Black “party” – no wonder hotels don’t want them.

Whenever the ambient concentration of Black people reaches a certain threshold – which we’ll call the “Black critical mass” – a powerful natural phenomenon occurs.

This phenomenon has been given many names: “peaceful protest,” “chimpout,” “nigger moment”… No matter what you call it, it’s an event which will generate noise (hollering), light and heat (burning that shit down).

The degree to which any society, business or institution can remain stable while still harboring Black people is the degree to which it can prevent these Black people from congregating and reaching that dangerous “Black critical mass.”

There’s no way around it.

So for example, a hotel can very well welcome a few Black guests without suffering any dramatic setbacks. However, if those Black guests were to bring too many friends and engage in a “party”… The consequences would be unfathomable.

Archival image of a hotel, 5 minutes after a “party” of Black people broke out.

Needless to say, any sane business would need to take preventive measures against such a calamity occurring on their property.

Oregon Live:

An African American woman who says she was required to sign a ”no party policy” when she checked into her Portland hotel filed a $300,000 lawsuit against the Marriott chain Monday, claiming it singled her out because of her race.

Felicia Gonzales, 51, claims the front desk clerk at the Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/Convention Center told her that all guests had to sign the policy. But Gonzales soon learned that didn’t hold true as she watched white guests check in after her who weren’t required to sign the policy, according to the lawsuit.

A Marriott spokesman, Jeff Flaherty, said the company doesn’t comment on pending lawsuits.

The two-page no party policy, provided by Gonzales’ attorneys, says it was established to inform all guests of noise limits and “not to insinuate any distrust in the ‘average’ guest.”

“No hotels want to have parties in them and we don’t want that type of business,” the policy read.

The policy also said guests are responsible for any missing items from their suites and any damage caused to outside hotel property by “invited or uninvited person(s).”

Basically, the document is a “we know you’re going to wreck everything so at least take responsibility” contract.

Yet this stingy Black bitch was all like “nuh-huh, y’all crackas gon pay even if we burn yo whole bitch down.”

Think about it. These hotel guys are saintly. It’s like if some dude came into their hotel with a dead stripper and a hundred gallons of sulfuric acid, and the hotel manager just sighed and made him sign a form saying he’ll pay for their wrecked bathtub.

That’s some killer customer service!

Not only does this whore not have the eyes to see their generous disposition, she even sued them!

This is why Blacks can’t fit into civilized society.

Gonzales lived in Portland her entire life until she moved to California in October 2018, according to Kafoury & McDougal, the law firm representing her. In January 2019, she made a 20-hour drive to visit family in Portland, checking into the Residence Inn at 1710 N.E. Multnomah St., according to her lawyers.

Her lawsuit says she was a Marriott rewards member and “had never had a problem or noise complaint at any other Marriott hotel she had ever stayed at.” But the suit says she signed the policy when asked “so she could get into her room” for a five-night stay.

“Having to sign a “NO PARTY” Policy form did not feel right to Ms. Gonzales, so she went back to the front desk,” according to the lawsuit. “Ms. Gonzales observed as multiple Caucasian guests checked in. None of them were asked to sign a “NO PARTY” Policy.”

Gonzales’ suit seeks $300,000 for embarrassment, frustration, humiliation and “feelings of racial stigmatization.” The suit also says it could later be amended to add $1 million in punitive damages.

Of course they didn’t need to sign a “NO PARTY” policy form, you dumb bitch – they’re White.

When White people congregate together in sufficient numbers, rather than causing a catastrophe, you instead see miracles happening.

They’ll start, like sitting in circles, singing Gregorian chants, and cathedrals will start spontaneously sprouting from the ground, damaged infrastructure will start mending itself, all sorts of crazy stuff like that – allegedly.

Why would a hotel want to prevent this?

Even if it doesn’t reach “White critical mass,” at worse you’ll just have a White get-together. Which looks roughly like this:

What could be the problem here?

Basically some Black bitch is suing a hotel just for telling her not to wreck the place – and the legal system is going along with it because of “muh racism.”

Well, let me tell you – I’d rather be racist than have all my shit burned down. And I’m pretty sure most White people would agree with that sentiment.