Black Who Tried to Rape White Girl and Likely Kidnapped/Murdered Another White Girl Will Cost Taxpayers $500,912

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2017

Not very many people understand what it actually means to lock someone in jail.

Take this case of a Negro kidnapper an example.

Let’s say he’s released after the minimum 16 years listed here.

You as an American taxpayer will be paying to keep this guy alive. Every year he is in there, he will cost an average of $31,307. After 16 years, he will have cost the American taxpayers $500,912.

Meanwhile, a deportation costs about $12,500.

If the death penalty was brought back in every state and utilized more often, a .45 caliber bullet is about 32 cents at Walmart.

Do you really think it is worth it to spend half a million dollars on keeping one Black guy alive after he tried to rape a White girl and is the major suspect in a missing persons investigation in the rape of another White girl?

Click on Detroit:

Floyd Galloway Jr. told a judge last month he attacked and tried to have sex with a woman in September 2016 while she was jogging at Hines Park in Livonia.

Galloway, 30, was sentenced Friday to 16 to 35 years for the attack and attempted rape. He declined to comment before Judge Mark Slavens handed down his sentencing.

Galloway is considered a person of interest in the case of Danielle Stislicki, who has been missing for more than a year. He was a security guard at a Southfield building where Stislicki and her mother, Ann Stislicki, worked. That’s the last place the 28-year-old Farmington Hills woman was seen in December.