Black Trannies Go on Robbery Spree

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018

You know, I ain’t even mad.

I can’t stop laughing, actually.

This is how far we’ve gone. We have nigger drag queens robbing places now.

Just imagine you’re doing your own thing, then suddenly a 6 foot tall ugly ape with fake tits and a wig rushes at you.

I would personally be feeling a mixture of anger, confusion, and amusement. I would probably be stunned and laughing too hard to do anything useful.


Fort Worth police are asking for help from the public identifying and locating one of two men who dressed as women, entered a Family Dollar store and robbed the business after holding employees at gunpoint.

The two men had detailed disguises that included wearing female wigs and makeup. Police say the pair entered the store in the 7300 block of John T. White on Saturday, briefly pretended to be shoppers and then took out handguns.

The robbers forced two store employees to lie on the floor, while threatening their lives, and stole money and cigarettes.

Officers were able to quickly respond to the scene, arriving just as the suspects were leaving the store. One man ran away while the other went back inside the store. Police gave chase after the fleeing suspect but were unable to capture him.

Fort Worth Detective Brian Raynsford said the suspect still on the loose should be considered armed and dangerous. “Anyone that shows the level of planning that this individual did and engaged in what he engaged in certainly can be a danger to the public,” he said. “We’re hoping that people will help us get this individual off the street before they do threaten any more people or committed another robbery such as this.”