Black Superiority Myths Debunked: Giant Penises and So On

William Martel
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2015

Let's try and think this through for a second first...
Let’s try and think this through for a second first…

In a recent article from the National Youth Front, Angelo John Gage and Adam Rice dispel various myths that the Jewish media have created and promoted constantly to make the White man inferior to the Black Übermonkey in all facets of life.

The Jew media always presents the White man as this immoral and stupid doofus, who is sexually incompetent, not to mention morally and physically inferior to the Black man in every way, in order to make the Black man the new alpha male in town. Stupid white women are then supposed to flock to their supposed giant penises and have mulatto children because its ‘swagalicioius’ to do so.

    In this All State commercial, the moral of the story is: Super cool black guy dude with a huge penis watches a dumb white girl get deceived by the sneaky white devil with a small wee wee
In this All State commercial, the moral of the story is: Super cool black guy dude with a huge penis watches a dumb white girl get deceived by the sneaky white devil with a small wee wee

However, many of the myths created by these demonic Jews can be easily debunked simply by observing reality. One of the most famous myths, that even we pro-Whites  have fallen for, is that the Black man has a higher testosterone level and that is reason why he commits more crime and only thinks ‘muh dik’ in every situation. As their article explains, to my surprise, that is actually not the case.

Gage and Rice write:

Although there is a natural variance among men in regards to natural testosterone levels, there is a “normal” range for a healthy male. However, many believe that blacks have higher testosterone levels compared to the other races, which some say justifies the statistics that show blacks have higher rates of domestic abuse, crime and out-of-wedlock births. People also believe this to be the reason why it seems blacks are more confident with women and is apparently why they seem to have more swag, style, soul, and sex-appeal, than whites. But we find that it is not the level of testosterone that is responsible for these things, which leads to these inaccurate perceptions, but rather, the fact that blacks have more estradiol than whites do, and makes them act in such ways.

Quoting the results from the study below:

‘After applying sampling weights and adjusting for age, percent body fat, alcohol, smoking, and activity, testosterone concentrations were not different between non-Hispanic blacks (n = 363; geometric mean, 5.29 ng/ml) and non-Hispanic whites (n = 674; 5.11 ng/ml; P > 0.05) but were higher in Mexican-Americans (n = 376; 5.48 ng/ml; P < 0.05). Non-Hispanic blacks (40.80 pg/ml) had a higher estradiol concentration than non-Hispanic whites (35.46 pg/ml; P < 0.01) and Mexican-Americans (34.11 pg/ml; P < 0.01). Non-Hispanic blacks (36.49 nmol/liter) had a higher SHBG concentration than non-Hispanic whites (34.91 nmol/liter; P < 0.05) and Mexican-Americans (35.04 nmol/liter; P < 0.05).’

In other words, higher level of estradiol equates to a higher level of feminine behavior. This explains why black men and women have thick lips and buttocks, which are feminine features. In addition to being naturally hairless, and smaller on average, black men and women tend to be louder, more social, and easily provoked emotionally; again more examples of feminine traits.

In regards to crime, it is their low IQ, combined with high estradiol which allows one to be easily riled up emotionally that leads to higher rates of crime, out-of-wedlock births, and domestic abuse. Being easily provoked and lashing out emotionally in the moment, without thinking about their actions, is a recipe for disaster.

The rest of the article expounds on the other effects that estradiol has on black people. It also goes into other myths, including the most famous one that I think most of the human population has fallen for, which is the big Black dick myth.

Most surveys done about penis size are ones that are self-reported. However, Gage and Rice show that when universities and research teams actually go out to measure penises IRL, we see that this ‘muh dik’ myth is just more pro-Dindu propaganda:

As far as the bigger black penis size myth goes, every legitimate survey points to the fact that black men are significant smaller than white men. Tanzania was measured in a survey for condom size for the prevention of aids and the reordered average was 4.5 inches.

Further evidence that debunks the black penis myth has come from a survey done in the US, which was taken by Huffington post. The results of this survey: all three of the biggest states are 90%+ white with around only 5% black. North Dakota which is primarily Nordic with virtually no blacks is #1; Rhode island which is 90% white almost no blacks is #2, then South Dakota, again mostly white, is #3.

And finally, a survey from Nigeria is especially significant, as Nigeria is in West Africa where most black Americans are from. This is a university conducted officially measured survey which concluded that blacks have a 5.2 average.

The article goes on to debunk other myths created by Jews about Black supremacy, which include the overall strength and power potential myth, superior speed and endurance myth and superior strength to body weight ratio/balance and coordination myth.

If you’re interested, go read their essay in it’s entirety.