Black Stabs White Father 80 Times, Leaves Him to Die in Pool of Blood

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

Vamba Mamadee Donzo

He also appears to have raped him.

Whether he did it before or after the victim died is anyone’s guess.

CBS 5:

A suspect has been arrested in a brutal stabbing that left a Phoenix man dead.

Vamba Mamadee Donzo is accused of stabbing Christopher Charles Mihaylo 80 times at the victim’s apartment.

The police report states that the victim and suspect both lived at the same apartment complex.

On Aug. 22, family members of the victim called police to do a welfare check on Mihaylo after he didn’t show up to pick up his kids. The family members say they had been unable to reach him all day.

When police arrived at the apartment near Seventh Avenue and Bell Road, they found the victim “naked on the floor in a pool of blood” in the master bedroom, according to the police report.

Police say the victim had “multiple stab wounds and other signs of trauma on his person.”

The police report says that the victim “suffered greatly” and calls the stabbing “a brutal and extremely violent homicide.”

Police say bloody footprints were found in multiple rooms of the apartment, and a blood-stained shirt was found hanging from a light fixture in the dining room.

The master bedroom, where the victim was found, appeared to have been ransacked.

Police say they recovered DNA evidence from the apartment, as well as a bloody knife and a used condom. “The evidence would indicate that the suspect may have had sexual intercourse with the victim,” stated the police report.

Christopher Charles Mihaylo