Black Stabs and Kills White Mother of Three in “Random” Attack at Toledo Gas Station

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2020

It was totally random, goyim.

It’s just pure coincidence that every time a black commits a “random” attack, the target is always white.


Toledo Police say the deadly attack of a woman at a Toledo gas station is random.

The violence happened around 10 p.m. Saturday at the BP at the corner of Douglas and Monroe streets. Bystanders are credited with holding the suspect, Thomas Smith, until police arrived.

Investigators say Danialle Swan was getting gas with her fiance. She was approached by the suspect as she was returning to the car from the convenience store. Moments later, Smith attacked stabbing the woman repeatedly.

That’s when witnesses jumped in. In a video obtained by 13abc, bystanders can be seen taking down the alleged stabbing suspect, right after the crime.

Thomas Smith

A witness is heard asking the suspect, “You stab that girl?”

Police are giving kudos to the bystanders who put their lives on the line for justice.

“It’s not something that we would encourage, however, we are eternally grateful to this witness who tackled the suspect and waited for police to arrive. It’s unknown if he would’ve been captured had he not done that,” says Lt. Kellie Lenhardt.

Detectives believe this attack was random.

“This random attack is very rare. Usually victims and suspects know each other, whether it be from an ongoing feud or a past relationship,” says Lenhardt.

Swan, 28, died at a local hospital and leaves behind three children.

I wonder if it’d still be considered “random” if the victim was Jewish…

Danialle Swan

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