Black Sodomite Kills White Anal Partner Before Turning the Gun on Himself

Gazette Extra
October 22, 2015

Joseph Hensel was shot dead by the Black he was sharing an apartment with.

Authorities have named the victim and shooter in an apparent murder-suicide that occurred over the weekend in Elkhorn.

Joseph Hensel, 27, and Christopher Lemock, 32, were the two men found dead Saturday inside 220½ S. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn.

The two shared the home in what Police Chief Joel Christensen called a “domestic relationship.”

Hensel and Lemock lived together for about seven years, Christensen told The Gazette. Police continue to investigate motive and the extent of the two men’s relationship.

Investigators believe it was a murder-suicide based on the evidence gathered at the scene, Christensen said.

Christopher Lemock killed the White man before then killing himself.

Police said it appears Lemock shot and killed Hensel on Saturday morning. He then dialed 911, gave the phone to a young girl and went into a bedroom, where he shot and killed himself.

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