Black Slasher will be Charged with a Hate Crime for Targeting Polish Woman Because She was White

Daily Stormer
March 25, 2016


Authorities have decided to charge the Black race-hater who slashed a woman because she was White with a hate crime.

The concept of “hate crime” is of course retarded, but it is good news they are beginning to apply these laws more fairly.

New York Post:

The man accused of randomly slashing a woman’s neck because she is white has been charged with a hate crime, authorities said Wednesday.

Gregory Alfred, 25, was extradited back to New York after police picked him up at his mother’s Sayreville, NJ home over the weekend.

He is expected to be arraigned in Brooklyn sometime Wednesday, where he will face charges of attempted murder and felony assault, both as a hate crime.

While speaking with cops, Alfred explained that he set out to slash white people because he blamed them and “the system” for preventing him from freely smoking weed, police sources said.

He allegedly targeted 53-year-old Poland native Janina Popko, cutting her across the neck as she was walking near the corner of Beverly and Rugby roads in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn on March 10, police sources said.