Black Singer Kneels While Singing National Anthem at NBA Preseason Game

Daily Stormer
October 23, 2016

A Black singer tasked with singing the national anthem decided to do it while kneeling at a recent NBA preseason game. I guess there have been a few cases of this.

This retarded national anthem protests by these Blacks which is meant to protest an imaginary Nazi cop conspiracy are getting increasingly more ridiculous. If you Blacks feel so oppressed because of the color of your skin there are plenty of other countries you can move to in Africa. All you are doing is making more and more White people dislike you because of your childish behavior.

Truth be told, there is no conspiracy by Whites to oppress Blacks. This is a lie pushed by the Jewish media so Blacks lash out at White people.

I personally have zero desire to oppress anyone because of their race, religion etc. That whole idea is ridiculous. In fact, I have yet to meet a single White person that legitimately wants to oppress Blacks. The only reason we are making fun of Blacks is because their behavior is so irrational and dangerous that they represent a threat to our well being.

Multiculturalism just doesn’t work. The past 60+ years proves it. That’s all we are objecting to here.