Black Shootout in DC Caught on Video

This video, from the 1200 block of Simms Place Northeast Washington, D.C., was caught on home surveillance video and shows the blacks having a shootout on the street in the daylight.

It is simply incredible, the way these blacks behave as though they are in an African jungle when they are living in a civilization. At least they are living in the remnants of a civilization.

What is even more incredible is that even though these people are outrageously violent, they are not good at violence. I have seen children in BB gun fights who shoot with more finesse. Some of them don’t even take cover, and one is shooting with a handgun at someone very far away without aiming.

What are we doing? Why do we allow these people in our country at all? To then claim that we need to remove the police so they can behave in an even more extreme fashion is unfathomable.

If these jungle savages are going to live in our country, they should have to behave themselves and follow the rules. Claiming that it is white people’s fault that they act like this is abject lunacy.

This is the capital of our country. It’s where our great buildings and great statues are. These people treat it like a jungle, and they don’t even have the decency to aim. Any of those bullets could have gone through anyone’s home and killed them as they are sitting in their sitting room.

Furthermore, if black lives actually mattered, they would be talking about the fact that there are over 1,000 blacks killed by other blacks for every black that gets killed by a cop. That is just the hard fact of reality.

Why don’t the blacks go protest that?