Black Scientist Exposes Racist Plot to Kill Joggers with Mozzarella

If milk isn’t racist, then why is it WHITE?

Explain THAT, Nazi scum!

Plant Based News:

U.S guidelines encouraging Americans to consume dairy are racist, according to a leading physician.

Dr. Milton Mills – who is best known for his appearance in documentary What the Health – stars in this video by health advocacy organization Switch4Good.

The video looks at how dairy recommendations disproportionately affect people of color, who have a higher likelihood of lactose intolerance than white people.

The video shows footage of Dr. Milton Mills speaking to the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee last year. The Committee, which is comprised of nationally recognized nutrition and medical researchers, academics, and practitioners, updates the dietary guidelines every five years. It invites experts to speak and share current scientific and medical evidence in nutrition.

According to Dr. Mills, he has seen illness caused by the committee’s guidelines. “The vast majority of people of color in this country are intolerant to the lactose that’s in milk. Yet because they think they have to eat this stuff, they go out, eat it, get sick, and think they have some sort of intestinal problem. When I encourage them to stop eating dairy, their problems clear up,” he said.

If it isn’t explicitly mentioned that people who are lactose intolerant should avoid stuff with lactose in it, then they probably assumed you’d figure it out for yourself.

Which you kinda should, since it isn’t brain surgery.

If you’re allergic to a food, just don’t eat it.

It doesn’t mean it’s not healthy in general, it just means you can’t have it.

Still, I’m shocked he didn’t mention the most obvious solution to this problem, which would be for him and the other blacks to sail off to Ghana and decide their own dietary guidelines there, free from the specter of milk supremacy.

Dotsie Bausch is a silver medal-winning Olympian and executive director of Switch4Good. Speaking about the inclusion of dairy in dietary guidelines in the video, she says: “In white people, or people who have been milking cows – which are inherently mostly Northern European white people – we actually have a genetic mutation that keeps that lactase enzyme turned on through adulthood.

“So we are the abnormal ones. And a lot of America’s population, as well as the world’s population, who cannot tolerate cow’s milk in a much higher percentage is 86 percent of African descent. And 95-98 percent of people of Asian heritage can’t tolerate lactose or the casein in cow’s milk at all.

“And so, we presented this idea of food injustice to the committee to say, ‘hey listen, a really large majority of your people can’t tolerate this and it’s actually making them very sick’…For the USDA to continue to put its stamp of approval on a product that is unnecessary and unhealthy and rooted in a highly oppressive system is unconscionable.”

Abnormal, huh?

Why aren’t these other races the abnormal ones instead?

Also, the “mostly Northern European” thing is wrong – lactose intolerance is very rare all across Europe, the place where it has the highest incidence is southern Italy, and even there it’s only like 20-30% of the population.

And most fermented cheeses are low enough in lactose that basically anyone can eat them, and most people around the world do.

Japan has the highest incidence of lactose intolerance in the world, but they still make and eat cheese

You know, if everything I knew about America was what I read/saw in mainstream news outlets, I’d think Americans do nothing all day except try to figure out new ways to hurt joggers, and that’s basically all they’ve been doing for their entire existence, and they have no reason for this except jealousy that joggers built America out of cotton.

That’s gonna be mainstream history taught in schools within a few decades, if it isn’t already.